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  • Blog Post: Use the Press to Push Policy Forward

    The press influences people. As You’re the Cure grassroots advocates, we need to influence people. Put 2 and 2 together, and You’re the Cure advocates can use the press to influence people. Let’s do it! Here’s a down and dirty guide to pushing a policy forward through a simple...
  • Blog Post: Chat Up Your Lawmakers Like a Champ

    Want to know how to make chatting up your lawmakers really count? A few simple steps make all the difference in the world, whether it’s in a phone conversation or a face-to-face visit. Share where you live, so they know they are working for you, their constituent. State the issue or need...
  • Blog Post: Peak Behind the Scenes: How a Bill Becomes a Law

    All that stuff you learned back in school about how a bill becomes law takes on a whole new light when you’re a voting citizen. So here’s a little refresher on what happens behind the scenes! In the United States all of our laws began as bills. Bills must be approved by the US House of...