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  • Blog Post: CPR in Schools Campaign Reaches Midpoint

    Just this month, North Dakota became the 25th state to require all students be trained in CPR before high school graduation. Today, New York became the 26th state to ensure their students will be CPR Smart! Today’s vote by the New York State Education Department Board of Regents means that more...
  • Blog Post: A Winning Game for School Lunches and Research Funding!

    At You’re the Cure on the Hill 2015, more than 380 AHA advocates and staff from all 50 states, plus DC —and thousands more back home—stepped up to the plate for healthy school lunches and medical research funding. This year, our Hill day theme was built off the great American game of...
  • Blog Post: You're the Cure Federal Advocacy Tips

    Download this document for a quick one-page guide on how to effectively advocate for heart-health policies to your federal representatives.
  • Blog Post: You're the Cure Meeting Leave Behind

    Download this form, fill out your "why," and bring it to a meeting with your federal representatives to help convey why heart-healthy policies should be a top priority during their time in office.
  • Blog Post: You're the Cure LTE guide

    Tips for writing a Letter to the Editor that will get published in your local paper and noticed by your federal representative.
  • Blog Post: What is Pediatric Cardiomyopathy?

    Did you know that one in every 100,000 children in the U.S. under the age of 18 is diagnosed with a diseased state of the heart known as cardiomyopathy ? While it is a relatively rare condition in kids, it poses serious health risks, making early diagnosis important. As the heart weakens due to abnormities...
  • Blog Post: Our new anthem: life is why

    School behavioral specialist Carla Leonard had her hand on her heart during the Pledge of Allegiance when a heart attack nearly killed her. Her doctor didn’t mince words with her family afterward: “If I didn’t have surgery, they should pick out a dress for my funeral,” she said...
  • Blog Post: Milestone: One Million Lifesavers!

    We are thrilled to announce a major milestone in our efforts to create a generation of lifesavers with CPR training in schools: 16 states across the country now require CPR training prior to graduation, which means all one million students that graduate annually in these states will be taught CPR. This...
  • Blog Post: The 2013 State Legislative Wrap-Up is Here!

    Today’s blog post is by Mark Schoeberl, the American Heart Association’s Executive Vice President of Advocacy and Health Quality I am pleased to again this year present you with our annual report of state and local public policy progress . We take pride in the diligent efforts of our advocates...
  • Blog Post: Training the Next Generation of Lifesavers, One Student at a Time

    The following excerpt is from a blog post by American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown and AHA volunteer Tommy Watson, published on The Huffington Post's The Blog on September 3rd. It is part of a series produced by The Huffington Post and the American Heart Association addressing important, timely...
  • Blog Post: Map: CPR in Schools Legislation

    Learn which states have passed legislation to ensure students learn the live-saving skill of CPR before graduation. ( Last updated June 2015 )
  • Blog Post: Presentation: Communicating with Congress

    View the slides from the recent presentation entitled Communicating with Congress: How to turn a 10-Minute Meeting with a Legislator into a Life-Long Relationship .
  • Blog Post: June= Summer, Fun, & CPR Awareness

    It’s finally summertime! This is the season for activities in the backyard and cookouts with neighbors. However, would you know what to do if a family member or friend experienced sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)? Eighty percent of SCAs happen outside of the hospital- and unfortunately, the majority...
  • Blog Post: Act for AEDs in More Communities

    This is a critical time in Congress, as lawmakers work to allocate Federal dollars for the coming fiscal year. Even in this difficult economy, there are several federally-funded programs that are vital to the heart and stroke community, and we need to let lawmakers know they must be made a priority....
  • Blog Post: Call your Senators TODAY!

    As Congress considers funding proposals for federal programs, Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) has offered an amendment on the Senate floor that would provide very modest increases for medical research, prevention and treatment programs of interest to us, including National Institutes of Health and the Rural...
  • Blog Post: Facts: October 2014 AHA Policy Report

    Find all of AHA's Policy Position statements on various issues with this "at-a-glance" report entitled the Policy Report.
  • Blog Post: “Hello! My name is ____”

    It’s time to welcome the 113 th Congress! We all know the best welcomes are personal, so we’re asking You’re the Cure advocates to introduce themselves to their members of Congress by recording a video and uploading it to Facebook. We’re calling it the “Hello, my name...
  • Blog Post: 2012 You're the Cure Federal Recap

    As we get ready to welcome the 113 th Congress to Capitol Hill in January, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all of the activity that took place on key heart and stroke issues this year. In a tough economic environment, You’re the Cure advocates, like you, helped play critical defense to...
  • Blog Post: AHA Supports the Cardiomyopathy HEARTS Act

    The American Heart Association is proud to support the Cardiomyopathy HEARTS Act, federal legislation which would help to identify children at risk of sudden cardiac arrest and prevent unnecessary, pre-mature deaths. Did you know that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sudden...
  • Blog Post: Spotlight: James Douglas Chew

    James Douglas Chew Iowa Christmas Day 2007 was a day that changed my life. I took a walk around Gray's Lake near downtown Des Moines, Iowa. I had ignored the unusual sensation I had felt earlier in the day in my chest, attributing it to cold weather and not being in good enough physical shape...
  • Blog Post: Campaign Resources: Be CPR Smart Campaign Poster

    Spread the word about the importance of teaching student to be CPR Smart with this printable poster.
  • Blog Post: Facts: Rural & Community AED Program

    Get the facts about the Rural and Community Access to Emergency Devices Program.
  • Blog Post: Facts: CPR Training in Schools

    Get the facts about CPR high school graduation requirements to help train our next generation of life-savers
  • Blog Post: Facts: Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    Get the facts about sudden cardiac arrest and policies to ensure victims are able to receive immediate CPR and defibrillation.
  • Blog Post: You're the Cure Advocate Guide

    Use this guide to learn about more ways you can get involved as a You’re the Cure advocate.