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  • Blog Post: Ask Nickelodeon to Stop Advertising Junk Food to Kids

    Take a guess… On average, how many advertisements for food do kids under the age of 12 see each day? A) 3 B) 7 C) 10 D) 13 If you guessed D, you are correct- and the majority of those ads are for unhealthy foods and beverages. $2 billion per year is spent advertising food to children...
  • Blog Post: We Need More PE!

    One important way to stop this rise in obesity and chronic disease in our children is by establishing lifelong physical activity habits with strong physical education (PE) programs and regular physical activity opportunities throughout the day in our nation’s schools. That’s why the AHA strongly...
  • Blog Post: Study Shows Support for New School Lunch Standards

    A new survey from The California Endowment found that the new national school meal standards, which were implemented this fall, are being well received by students and parents in California. Overwhelmingly, both parents (91%) and students (82%) support the changes to school nutrition standards- and most...
  • Blog Post: Too Much Salt is Putting Our Children’s Health at Risk

    Dallas, Texas, Sept. 17, 2012- American Heart Association says New CDC Study Illustrates Need to Limit Sodium in Foods The American Heart Association says a new study examining the connection between sodium intake and the blood pressure in U.S. children and teens points to the urgent need to limit...
  • Blog Post: AHA Applauds New Physical Fitness Test

    Washington D.C. - Just in time for the new school year, this new physical fitness test will help improve our children's health. See the AHA's statement below from CEO Nancy Brown. “The new school fitness program launched today by The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition...
  • Blog Post: You're the Cure Sign-Up Form - Obesity Prevention

    Recruit others to join you as a You’re the Cure advocate using this printable sign-up form.
  • Blog Post: Facts: Trans Fats in the U.S. Diet

    Get the facts about eliminating trans fats from schools, restaurants, and workplaces.
  • Blog Post: Facts: Sodium in the U.S. Diet

    Get the facts about the sodium in our food supply and its impact on our cardiovascular health.
  • Blog Post: Facts: Menu Labeling

    Get the facts about menu labeling and its impact on consumers' dietary choices.
  • Blog Post: Facts: Diet & CVD Risk

    Get the facts about nutrition policies to improve diets and reduce CVD risk
  • Blog Post: Facts: Nutrition in Schools

    Get the facts about nutrition in schools & the policy solutions to provide healthier options.
  • Blog Post: Facts: Active Living & the Built Environment

    Get the facts about the role of our physical environment in promoting physical activity.
  • Blog Post: Facts: Shared Use Agreement

    Get the facts about shared use agreements between schools & communities to increase opportunities for physical activity
  • Blog Post: Facts: Physical Education in Schools

    Get the facts about improving physical education in schools to help address childhood obesity.
  • Blog Post: You're the Cure Advocate Guide

    Use this guide to learn about more ways you can get involved as a You’re the Cure advocate.
  • Blog Post: There’s a food fight in Congress!

    Believe it or not, there’s a heated debate in Congress right now over fresh fruits and vegetables in schools. And we need you to help us be the voice of reason. Will you take a moment to tell your legislators why providing kids with access to fresh fruits and vegetables during the school day...
  • Blog Post: AHA CEO Expresses Disappointment with Transportation Bill

    Washington, D.C. – American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown issued the following statement today on the latest version of the transportation legislation approved by Congress last week: “The transportation legislation passed by Congress today jeopardizes the safety and health of kids...
  • Blog Post: Help Save the Fresh Fruit and Veggie Program for Our Kids

    Do you know what jicama is? Or how pineapples grow? If you ask a student who participates in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP), chances are they’ll be able to tell you. This successful federal program provides daily fresh fruit and vegetable snacks to more than 3 million elementary students...
  • Blog Post: Improving a la carte and vending machine nutrition can help student waistlines and school bottom lines

    Earlier this year the USDA worked to improve nutrition standards for lunches in official school meal programs, but what about those vending and a la carte items? After improving food served in school lunch programs, the USDA is currently focusing their attention on those other items or “competitive...
  • Blog Post: You’re the Cure Advocates Talk Fresh Fruits and Vegetables on Capitol Hill

    On Wednesday May 17, You’re the Cure advocates from six key states (CO, KS, MN, NE, OR, and TX) flew to Washington D.C. to urge their Members of Congress protect the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP). The FFVP provides snacks of fresh fruit and vegetables to elementary school students in...
  • Blog Post: NIH Director Talks about Obesity on the Colbert Report

    NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins brought a serious message recently on the Comedy Central’s Colbert Report a few days ago. Dr. Francis talked about the importance of eating well and the state of America’s obesity epidemic. Have a few laughs and check out the video.
  • Blog Post: Transportation Secretary Promotes Safe Routes to School

    On Friday, April 27th, the U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood walked to school with his grandchildren. Why is this news? Because Secretary LaHood was also joined by other community members and children promoting the Safe Routes to School program in Indiana. “We know that...
  • Blog Post: Advocate Spotlight! Missouri Doctor Speaks-Up for Safe Routes to School on Capitol Hill

    Dr. Jim Blaine of Springfield, MO, knows the importance of prevention. As the Medical Director of the Ozark Technical Community College Health & Wellness Clinic, he has seen cardiovascular events decrease over the last four years by helping patients focus on diet, exercise, and taking the proper...
  • Blog Post: State Spotlight! New AZ Law Helps Increase Access to Recreational Facilities

    Thanks to a new law in Arizona, fields, courts, and playgrounds at schools will soon be more accessible to communities. On March 13 th , Governor Jan Brewer signed a “shared use” bill that limits the liability of schools if they open their grounds during non-instructional hours for recreational...
  • Blog Post: AHA Advocates Urge Congress to Protect Safe Routes to School

    Today, more than a dozen advocates from across the country flew in to Washington D.C. to meet with their Representatives and Senators and urge them to include Safe Routes to School program funding in the pending transportation bill. The timing of these visits could not have been more crucial, as both...