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  • Massachusetts Heart Walk

    This is the Massachusetts Heart Walk event.
  • MA Event 1

    This is Massachusetts Event 1.
  • MA Event 2

    This is MA event 2.
  • MA Event 3

    This is MA event 3.
  • CPR in Schools Issue Briefing

    Learn more about CPR training for school students. While less than eight percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims survive, a victim’s chance of survival doubles or triples if someone in the vicinity knows and administers CPR. Sadly, only one-in-four out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims...
  • Idaho Youth Lobby Day

    Join us as we lobby for heart healthy policies.
  • Opening Day of Hawaii Legislative Session

    Join us for lunch and meet your state legislators to discuss heart disease and stroke.
  • Washington State Lobby Day

    Join us for our annual Heart on the Hill Lobby Day at the Capitol in Olympia on Wednesday, January 30. Advocates like you from across the state will gather to meet with state legislators to encourage them to make Washington a heart healthy place to live, work and learn. We will advocate for policies...
  • Arizona State Lobby Day

    Join us for our annual Arizona State Lobby Day at the Capitol in Phoenix on Monday, January 31. Advocates, like you, from across the state will gather to meet with state legislators to encourage them to make Arizona a heart healthy place to live, work and learn. We will advocate to include CPR training...
  • Utah State Lobby Day

    Join us as we advocate for CPR education in high schools, heart defect screening for newborns and funding for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention at the Department of Health.
  • NYC Physical Education Survey Data Release - Press Event

    Join the American Heart Association, along with our partners at the Women's City Club, as well as several members of NY City Council as we reveal the results of our recent survey project focused on physical education in NYC! The AHA invited schools in all five boroughs, at all grade levels, to...
  • Heart and Stroke Day at the Legislature

    Join us as we meet with state legislators to encourage them to adopt policies that make Nevada a healthier place to live, including newborn heart defect screening, CPR training in schools, menu labeling, and formal recognition for hospitals fully equipped to treat the most severe cases of heart attacks...
  • California State Lobby Day

    Join us as we lobby for heart healthy policies.
  • Capitol Goes Red

    Join us in celebration of American Heart Month by wearing red on National Wear Red Day, Friday February 7 th . It's a simple, yet powerful way to raise awareness of heart disease and stroke. There are a number of volunteer opportunities associated with the event including preparing materials and...
  • California State Lobby Day 2014

    Where will you be on Wednesday, April 23rd? I’m hoping you’ll be able to join me at California’s Lobby Day. We need to ensure our mission of building healthier lives free from cardiovascular diseases and stroke is heard by our leaders in Sacramento—and your voice matters! California...
  • Blog Post: Mississippi Secures Advocacy Win!

    For the past several years, the American Heart Association has worked as part of the Mississippi Healthcare Alliance to develop STEMI and Stroke Systems of Care. During the 2015 Mississippi Legislative Session, advocates helped secure an additional $250,000 dedicated to a STEMI System of Care, and...
  • Blog Post: Louisiana Twitter Chat, June 2nd

    To celebrate National CPR Awareness Week and the one year anniversary of the Louisiana CPR in Schools bill, the Burke Cobb Act, the American Heart Association is hosting a statewide Twitter Chat on June 2 at 10 a.m. CST. The Twitter Chat is an hour virtual conversation centered on CPR. It will feature...
  • Blog Post: CPR Smart School Honor Roll

    American Heart Association's CPR Smart School Honor Roll released... Congratulations to the following districts and schools in New York State that have been recognized as "CPR Smart" thanks to their commitment to teaching CPR and AED instruction to students: North Rose...
  • Blog Post: Poll Finds Texans Overwhelmingly Support Texas Grocery Access Investment

    83% of Texans favor a program to increase the number of grocery stores in Texas that sell healthier food in underserved communities that need stores. Click each image to enlarge and find out more about HB 1485 and SB 1590, the Texas Grocery Access Investment Act.
  • Blog Post: JJ Pesany...not your everyday hero!

    Way to go JJ !!! Just 16, he is now a CPR instructor! Why is this so important? JJ was shocked by an overhead wire & his heart stopped. JJ is alive thanks to CPR.…/cpr-saved-jj-pesanys-life-h…/26892723
  • Blog Post: Edina School Celebrates Bike to School Day

    Dozens of students biked to school at South View Middle School in Edina on Wednesday, celebrating National Bike to School Day. Senator Melisa Franzen was there to greet them as they arrived!
  • Blog Post: Evidence Shows Stroke System Working on Hemorrhagic Strokes

    Check out this great article from the AHA / ASA Newsroom, our Stroke System work is so focused around ischemic stroke (because it’s more common), but the evidence is starting to show that the same approach improves outcomes for hemorrhagic strokes too. People with hemorrhagic strokes (brain...
  • Blog Post: May is American Stroke Month

    Anyone can have a stroke and everyone should be ready. Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. suffers a stroke and every 4 minutes, someone dies from a stroke. That is why The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association is inviting all Americans to become Stroke Heroes by learning and sharing...
  • Blog Post: May is Stroke Awareness Month

    May brings the opportunity to discuss and educate on an issue that is more common than we want it to be – stroke. Stroke is the 6th leading cause of death in Washington yet only eight percent of those recently surveyed in the American Stroke Association/Ad Council Stroke Awareness Continuous Tracking...
  • Blog Post: Advocacy Avengers Assemble - FAST!!!

    Guest Blogger: Marc Watterson, Utah Government Relations Director Each May we have an opportunity to celebrate and educate on an issue that is close to all of us – stroke. As we have shared in the past, Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in Utah – and it doesn’t have to...