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  • URGENT: Stroke survivors need your help today!

    It does not get any more urgent than this. Congress is almost done crafting legislation that we hope will repeal therapy caps for stroke and other patients on Medicare. But there is one big problem. The therapy cap repeal is missing Even though there is still time to fix the bill, it’s running out. Let your legislator know that we need to repeal these detrimental therapy caps once-and-for-all.

  • Help secure funding for this life-saving AED program today!

    This is a critical time in Congress. Lawmakers are deciding on their funding priorities and the next round of budget negotiations are beginning. Even in this difficult economy, there are several federally-funded programs that are vital to the heart community, and we need to let our lawmakers know they must be a priority. One such program helps buy and place automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in rural communities. Unfortunately, the Rural and Community Access to Emergency Devices Program only has the resources to operate in 12 states. Tell Congress to support this life-saving program today!

  • It's time to boost heart and stroke research

    Imagine if we didn't know that smoking lead to heart disease or stroke. Think about all of the lives lost if we didn't have AEDs. How many stroke survivors would we have if it weren't for clot-busting drugs? We say it time and again, but research saves lives! Will you contact your lawmaker today and tell them to make heart and stroke research a priority?

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