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Pennsylvania Lobby Day Scheduled For April 20, 2015

Make plans to join us on Monday, April 20th as we gather at the State Capitol in Harrisburg, PA to meet with lawmakers to talk about important public policies to help reverse the effects of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Advocates from across PA will meet with their legislators to advocate support for strengthening the Clean Indoor Air law to include NO exemptions, reduce smoking rates by increasing the tobacco excise tax, and creating a generation of lifesavers by making sure students learn CPR before they graduate. We'll give you the tools and the resources - all you have to do is show up! 


Schedule of Events

8:30-9:00am:            Registration  (Continental Breakfast available from 8-9am)

9:00-10:00am:          Issue Briefings

10:00-10:20am:        Press Conference (Main Rotunda)

10:20-10:30am:        Group Photo (Main Rotunda Steps)

10:30am-12:00pm:   Legislative Meetings (Member Offices)

Directions to the PA State Capitol

Downtown Harrisburg Parking (Walnut Street Garage is recommended for parking)

If you would like additional information or have questions, please contact:

Kim Ross at (717) 730-1706 or

David Greineder at (717) 730-1751 or

Melissa Brown at 


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Fairport Central School District recognized as "CPR Smart"!

Congratulations to Fairport Central School District!  The district recently received the "CPR Smart" recognition from the American Heart Association for committing to prepare their students for an emergency by teaching CPR.

As part of the program, the district will teach students how to identify someone in sudden cardiac arrest, to call 911, to begin performing Hands-Only CPR, and how to use an AED.

Why is Fairport's recognition so important?  More than 400,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur annually in the United States. Sadly, about 90 percent of victims die most likely because they don’t receive timely CPR.  The community will now have more lifesavers thanks to Fairport Central School District!

The American Heart Association applauds the staff, students and board members of the Fairport Central School District for their CPR Smart School recognition.  

A school can become a CPR Smart School by adopting a written policy that ensures students:

  •  learn how to recognize when someone is in possible cardiac arrest,
  •  learn hands-only CPR and practice compressions
  •  learn the importance and basics of an AED. Student certification is not required.

For an application or more information to become a CPR Smart School contact the American Heart Association’s New York State Government Relations Director Julianne Hart at

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New maps provide insight on access to supermarkets in New York State

For millions of people around the country—many of them children—the fast choice is the only choice when it comes to food.  Newly created maps paint a picture of the problem.  View below to see maps outlining supermarket sales and income data in New York State.  Additional blog posts on outline supermarket sales and income in New York City, Syracuse and Buffalo.



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Thank You: Your Voice Made a Difference

On February 5th, over 50 attendees including students, business leaders, doctors, survivors, and You’re the Cure advocates, joined together on the Senate Lawn at Arizona’s State Capitol to advocate in support of heart-healthy policies. In addition, dozens of advocates supported their efforts by taking action online.

To those of you who joined us in Phoenix or took online action, the Arizona Advocacy Team wants to say THANK YOU!  

In case you didn’t attend Lobby Day, here’s how we did it:  

  • We connected with every state legislator’s office in-person or via email
  • We met face-to-face with legislators in the House and Senate Education Committees
  • We dropped off informational packets to legislators who were unavailable to meet due to previous engagements

News Update!  On February 5th, the two CPR in Schools bills (SB 1411/HB 2594) had their first readings and both were assigned to their respective Education Committees which puts us in a great situation since we were able to confirm support with legislators in both House and Senate committees at Lobby Day as well as start the conversation on the importance of CPR training in schools with legislators outside of the Education Committees during the luncheon.  HB 2594 was also heard in Committee on Wednesday, February 11th.

Please visit here to stay up-to-date on all of our legislative priorities!

And if you missed this year’s Lobby Day, don’t worry! There will be a lot of opportunities to take action in the coming months, and we’ll need every single one of you along the way.  Please email Nicole Olmstead at or Josh Brown at if you are interested in future volunteer opportunities, or if you have any additional questions. 

Thank you again for being a part of the You’re the Cure team!

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Herb Lommen

Herb Lommen is not only saving lives by teaching CPR in Oregon and keeping kids healthy with physical education, but he’s a passionate advocate helping support the mission of the American Heart Association time and time again. Herb is the Department Chair of Health and Physical Education at Valley Catholic Middle School. He is also a First Aid, CPR/AED Training Coordinator.

Herb and the Valley Catholic Middle School students have been wonderful partners as we work to teach CPR to all Oregonians.  You can watch a video about Herb and his students advocating at AHA’s Oregon Lobby Day last year here:

In his 39th year of teaching HS and MS students Health and Physical Education, he has also taught Outdoor Education classes and coached during those years. We wanted to share Herb’s story and words of wisdom with you:

  • What motivates you to do what you do? (Coaching and CPR)

“My motivation for teaching comes from my life experiences and having good role models to follow. I have the opportunity to work with young people and help shape their lives as they grow into young adults. Teaching them they can make a difference in the world by helping others and being the best they can be.”

  • Are there any stories from your experience teaching (particular students or circumstances) that are particularly meaningful or interesting?

“The best part of teaching is when students come back after many years and tell you of their successes. For example, how they have been able to use the skills that I had taught them to help others or that the career path they chose was started by interest from what they had learned. One recent student shared with me that he was able to save a life in an accident recently. He said his CPR just came back and he did it without thinking. We talked about how his learning had made a difference in someone’s life and we were all proud of his actions.”

  • If you could share one piece of advice with other teachers who are considering teaching PE and/or CPR, what would it be?

“Be a teacher (in a classroom or a First Aid/CPR class) and you can make a difference in people’s lives. You can give them the skills to help others and be the best they can be. It is a great feeling to know that you did make a difference in the world.”

  •  Has heart disease or stroke touched your life in any way?

“Seven years ago I almost died from congestive heart failure caused by a virus that entered my heart. The doctors said the only reason I survived was because I was in such good physical shape. It has changed my life as I cannot do all the things I used to quite as fast. I have had to learn to slow down a little. It has been a great teaching moment as all the students know what happened to me and how important it is to keep fit, eat right, and take care of yourself. The students see my compassion for taking care of your body and learning life-saving skills as one day it might save you or someone else.”



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CT AHA Board engaged in a letter writing campaign to State Legislators Promoting CPR in Schools

At the most recent Connecticut American Heart Association boarding meeting, hosted by Griffin Hospital in Derby, board members reported on the progress of their letter writing campaign to state legislators. Board members wrote to their local state representatives and state senators asking for support to pass legislation requiring High School students learn hands only CPR and the use of automated external defibrillator (AED). Initial results of the campaign saw the recruitment of four additional co-sponsors for a CPR in Schools bill working its way through the legislative session. More legislators are expected to voice their support for this lifesaving initiative as board members continue to advocate for lifesaving policy.

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Join Us at the Ohio Statehouse!

Mark your calendar, register, and make plans to join us at the Statehouse on March 11th for Ohio Advocacy Day: You're the Cure at the Capitol!  This Advocacy Day, we'll be talking with lawmakers to urge their support for teaching all Ohio students life-saving CPR skills before graduation.

Your voice can make the difference! Click to learn more and register today!

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CPR in Schools Update...

Stay with us... we're getting closer.  As we told you earlier, the Board of Regents held their first public discussion on CPR in Schools at their December meeting . 

The next steps?  

  • The State Education Department (SED) is gathering input from interested parties -  and we're happy they sought input from the American Heart Association. 
  • SED will then issue a report on CPR/AED instruction to the Board of Regents.  The report is due by April 19 however we believe the report may be presented earlier. 
  • The Board of Regents has 60 days to act on the report.

We're almost there...we know the report on CPR/AED instruction is coming...but we don't know what is in it. 

How can you help?

We need your voice.  We recently shared Doreen’s Rowe’s story.  After dinner one evening, Doreen thought she had indigestion.  Turns out, she was going into cardiac arrest. She’s alive because her daughter knew CPR. That’s why Doreen is urging everyone, including students, to learn CPR.  Join Doreen by sending a letter to the Board of Regents.

We’re getting closer to CPR in Schools but still need your help before the State Education Department releases their report.

Schools can create more heroes by teaching CPR to ALL students. 

You can be a hero too.  Thank you for all your work in getting us this far!  Please stay with us until we get to the victory line - Send your message today.

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American Heart Month in New Hampshire

You’re The Cure advocates make a difference in the lives of others by simply making our voices heard and reaching out to our lawmakers about public policy regarding heart health. For instance, one such success in New Hampshire was passing a law to require a simple Pulse Oximetry test be performed on every newborn to screen for possible life threatening congenital heart defects. When detected early, treatment can begin early, saving precious lives. This American Heart Month, we celebrate not only medical advances that have helped reduce deaths from heart disease and stroke, but also public policies which help NH citizens live heart healthy, stroke-free lives. But there is still much we can do – by training high school students in CPR and improving our schools’ nutrition environments – we will save many more lives, now and into the future.

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