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Meet Jane Redford, Our Heart Warrior

Name: Jane Redford
Occupation: Director of Business Development at a tech company

How long have you been volunteering with the American Heart Association?

I’m just getting started after my open heart surgery (which was April 11). I’m getting involved in the Dallas area.

Why do you advocate to build healthier lives and communities, free of heart disease
and stroke?

Because I was fortunate enough to get a second chance. I want to help create second chances for more heart warriors.

What are your passions and your interests in life?

Adventure is my passion. I have a stacked bucket list. Now that I have this second chance, I’m more thrilled than ever to cross everything off of it. I’m want to cross most
of the items off with people I love. Life has never felt fuller and more exciting, and I want to share that with the people in my tribe. (I love being outdoors, being in the water (I’m most at home by a lake or ocean, traveling, cooking and writing.)

What is your all time favorite thing to do on your time off?

Travel! Camping, hiking, exploring a new city, etc.

Can you please share about the work you have been doing so far to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke?

Raising my voice as an advocate for heart disease early detection. I want to educate people on symptoms that indicate congenital heart disease, and how to prevent heart disease. I also want to use my voice to help all states adopt an early detection program for congenital heart disease.

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Heading to a Ballot Box Near You

Our movement to combat childhood obesity in Boulder is now officially underway. Over 9,000 Boulder residents demonstrated their support for healthy Boulder kids by signing a petition to get our public health initiative on the ballot!

Earlier this month, a coalition led effort, along with You're the Cure advocates, gathered signatures in support of a ballot measure that would ensure that all Boulder families have increased access to healthy foods, nutrition education, and opportunities for fitness and exercise, through revenue from a tax on sugary drinks. Through a collective effort we are thrilled to announce that this important measure will be heading to a ballot box near you come this November!

It’s going to take all of us, working together, to ensure a victory at the ballot box this November. AHA is committed to this work, but we need support from people like you to vote in favor of this critical public health measure. Join our campaign to combat childhood obesity and support healthy Boulder families!

Please email to learn how to get involved!

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The Campaign for a Healthy Colorado Begins!

Earlier this month, the American Heart Association and our partners formally launched The Campaign for a Healthy Colorado with a successful press conference. The AHA is partnered with other lead health organizations to work on this campaign, which provides us an opportunity to raise funding for important health initiatives through an increase on the cigarette tax and other tobacco related products at the state level. Many of our enthusiastic advocates attended and learned about how this ballot measure will benefit Colorado communities. It will help by reducing smoking and related health care costs, modernizing and improving care for youth and veterans, and propelling cutting-edge research to cure cancer and other major diseases. After the press conference, the advocates were trained on how to speak about this issue and how to become a petition circulator. Now our advocates are armed with skills to help us spread the word and gather signatures.

This measure will raise about $315 million a year, but it will only make it to the ballot with the help of the community. Please help the American Heart Association and the Campaign for a Healthy Colorado make Colorado a healthier state. We need more passionate advocates to spread the word in our communities! Will you help?

To help please visit: or email to learn more on how to get involved! 

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Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Allison Pierce

Please meet our new American Heart Association volunteer leader and Arkansas State Advocacy Committee member, Dr. Allison Pierce.  

Hometown: Dallas, Texas     Current town: Springdale, Arkansas

Favorite movie: Stand By Me
Hobbies: cooking, gardening, home improvement projects, playing with my dogs
Pets: Kizzy (4-year-old blue heeler mix), Red (2-year-old boxer mix), Bill and Pi (2-year-old carpet pythons)

Role model: When in doubt, I look to my mother, who taught me patience, accountability, honesty, kindness, and generosity while making sure I understood that life is precious and to be lived fully every day.

Greatest achievement: I am an aunt to a wonderful four-year-old named Lily, and there is another little one on the way. While this is not necessarily my own achievement, it has brought me more joy than anything else I have experienced, and I have absolutely loved getting to know my younger sister as the beautiful nurturer that she has become. As far as my own achievements, I am looking forward to finishing my psychiatry residency. The path to becoming a physician has required years of focus and commitment, so that day will be quite a milestone.

Two celebrities or historical figures you would want to have dinner with (living or not) and why them? This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many. Maya Angelou comes to mind since her writing has been an inspiration to me for almost my entire life. I hear she could throw a great party, and I would love to talk to her about life, love, politics, and a host of other topics. Slavenka Drakulic is another strong and passionate woman who has inspired me. She endured the oppression of communism and still found joy in life while standing up to her oppressors, often at great risk to herself. She has inspired me in many ways, and I would enjoy hearing some of the more personal stories that don't make it into her writings. If I were hosting a dinner for historical figures or celebrities, it would most certainly be a large group.

Why is advocating with the AHA important to you? Heart disease runs in my family, so it is an issue that hits close to home for me. In my experience as a physician, I have seen the far reaching social, physical, and mental effects of heart disease. It is largely preventable, and advocacy is an integral component in providing education and resources that will empower people to take care of themselves.

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Volunteers Raise Their Voice at the Colorado Springs Heart Walk

A group of dedicated volunteers joined us at the Colorado Springs Heart Walk last weekend to raise their voice in support of stroke smart and heart healthy policies!  We were amazed and inspired by their enthusiasm and commitment to recruit You're the Cure advocates to join the fight against heart disease and stroke. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Without the support of these dedicated heart advocates and stroke heroes, we wouldn't be able to advance our mission of building healthier lives. Thank you to our You're the Cure advocates for all they do in keeping up the good fight!

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Launching Operation: 100,000

The American Heart Association, along with partner organizations, is working to ensure a Tobacco Tax increase makes it on the ballot this year, and we need your help! An increase in the tobacco tax will help reduce smoking rates, prevent young people from becoming smokers, and help to save lives. Join us in our mission for a healthier Colorado!

While we are up against the powerful Tobacco Industry, we're confident our You're the Cure advocates will help us achieve our mission of securing 100,000 signatures to fight for a healthier community!

Last weekend's Heart Walk was the first stop on our mission to secure 100,000 signatures from registered voters. If you would like to join our mission and be part of our fight for better public health, get involved today!

We need all of the help we can get in this fight. If you would like to volunteer, please email 


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Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Caitlyn Cook, Miss Central Arkansas 2016

Caitlyn is a hands-only CPR presenter and educator for the American Heart Association and American Red Cross; Zumba Instructor at University of Central Arkansas HPER Center; Titleholder in the Miss Arkansas Organization (Miss Central Arkansas 2016)

Name: Caitlyn Cook

Hometown: Conway, Arkansas

Favorite Vacation Spot: Mykonos, Greece

Favorite Movie: Gone With the Wind

Hobbies: Singing, Greek and Middle Eastern dancing, fitness training, instructing Zumba Fitness, and competing in pageants.

Why is advocacy with the AHA important to you?

Having lost friends and family members due to heart related issues, I became inspired to find an organization that aligned with my passion of living a heart healthy life. When finding the American Heart Association, I knew I had found the perfect fit for my advocacy. This discovery led to finding my role within this worthy organization as an ambassador for Hands-Only CPR to save lives. I have presented and educated to over 6,000 students and adults in the past two years. My goal is to impact over 10,000 lives on the importance of being emergency prepared.

To learn more about Hands-Only CPR CLICK HERE.

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The Fight is Not Over

LEGISLATIVE RECAP: You've been with us each step of the way, from sending emails to lawmakers to attending advocacy events at the capitol. You brought smiles to our faces during this challenging legislative session.

We want to thank you for your dedication to advocating for improvements to heart attack care across Colorado. While House Bill 1357 failed to pass out of the Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee, our fight is not over.

We will continue our advocacy throughout the interim, and we want you to join our team to help get HB 1357, and other heart healthy policies, passed into law!

Email to learn more about our advocacy efforts in Colorado!

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Volunteer at one of the Heart & Stroke Walks in Colorado on June 4th!

We are expecting a combined attendance of about 25,000 people at the Denver and Colorado Springs Heart & Stroke Walks on June 4th. It’s not possible to reach this giant audience about our advocacy efforts without the help of volunteers. Will you help us make a difference?

We need passionate volunteers like you to help us reach and recruit other advocates in Colorado. You’ll help us to register new members to our You’re the Cure network. This is a very important activity for the American Heart Association because it allows us the reach out to more individuals, helping to give them the power to make a difference by speaking out for policies that help build healthier communities and healthier lives.

Already walking? No problem! If you volunteer, you’ll still be able to participate in the walk, while making even more of a difference in our mission!

Denver Heart Walk
June 4th 7:30am-11:30am
Denver Performing Arts Complex

Colorado Springs Heart Walk
June 4th 7:30am-11:30am
Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC Stadium

If you are interested in volunteering or have questions, please reach out Julie Knowles at Please indicate the location (Denver or Colorado Springs) where you would like to volunteer.

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Meet Caitlyn Borosak
"The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers." ~Terri Guillemets
Volunteers play a vital role at the American Heart Association, working alongside staff members, and fellow You're the Cure advocates to jointly advance our mission of building healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke. Through the Pulse Newsletter, we highlight the contributions of our volunteer network. Each month, we select a Volunteer of the Month who is performing above and beyond the baseline of excellence. We're thrilled to spotlight the dedication and mighty work of Caitlyn Borosak, who is quickly becoming one of our volunteer all-stars. Read below to learn more Caitlyn!
Name: Caitlyn Borosak
Occupation: Wellness Associate/ Student
How long have you been volunteering with the American Heart Association?  
3 months
Why do you advocate to build healthier lives and communities, free of heart disease and stroke?
The upmost important aspect of our lives is our health. Without it, our quality of life can worsen, and the attempt to get back on track becomes that much more of a challenge. Throughout my years in college, I have studied extensively on the consequences that come from ignoring eating well and being physically active, and by advocating to build healthier lives and communities, the message of health can be heard much more loud and clear. Personally, reaching as many people as possible on the importance of being healthy is my passion, as well as a necessity; our lives matter.
What are your passions and your interests in life?
I love learning about food! A couple years ago, I developed an autoimmune disease that affected me greatly in a very negative way. For a year of my life, I could not figure out how I developed this problem and no doctor knew how to help me keep it under control. It wasn’t until I started doing my own research that I found food had EVERYTHING to do with it. From then on, I have become passionate about nutrition and being mindful of what I put it my body, as well as encourage others to do the same. Along with my passion for good, healthy foods, I enjoy everything and anything outside, going on adventures, testing new waters, and enjoying the company of those I love.
What is your all-time favorite thing to do on your time off? 
I couldn’t live a day without the people I love! Whether we are going on a short or long trip, making dinner, or doing absolutely nothing together, anytime I am in the company of my friends and family I am at my happiest. 

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