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Powers Lake Ambulance Receives EMS Recognition

At a time when rural areas are facing critical shortages of emergency medical professionals, we are pleased to recognize the Powers Lake Ambulance Service for recently being named the Northwest Region Squad of the Year for 2015.  The intent of this award is to recognize a service that significantly contributes to the provision, development and improvement of pre-hospital care and the EMS education of their community.  Powers Lake is recognized for their dedication and hard work in implementing the Cardiac Ready Community program. 

In addition, Cole Bentley, a member of the squad, also received the Northwest Region Rising Star award at the North Dakota EMS State Conference.  Cole is responsible for the data entry for the ambulance service.  This award honors an individual who is new to the field of pre-hospital care and shows rapid improvement, exemplary skills and takes on added responsibility.  Bentley responded to the most calls in the community in 2015. 

From the Burke County Tribune:  In 2015, the Powers Lake Ambulance Service began to realize how important CPR was in the community.  The group applied for and received gaming monies which allowed them to offer a CPR class free of charge with all materials included.  Thirty-five community residents took part and became CPR-certified.  Not long after, during an emergency medical services conference, trained volunteers from Powers Lake were asked if they would be interested in participating in a pilot project for a Cardiac Ready Community.  Squad members didn't have to think about it before agreeing it was a much needed project for the community.

CPR instructors trained more than 200 people including 67 students in grads 7-12 at Powers Lake School.  In addition, other events have taken place to improve cardiac health such as blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, fundraising support the American Heart Association and continued community CPR training classes, including at the high school.  Several businesses in the community are now equipped with automated external defibrillators (AEDs) including several churches, fire department vehicles, The Country Store, Country Fresh Foods, Food Barn, and Farmers Union Oil.  Many rural members on the ambulance service have an AED in their homes which makes them able to respond more quickly in their areas if the need arises. 

Energy Impact grants and grants from the Powers Lake City and Rural Ambulance District made it possible to purchase a new ambulance in 2015 and also construct a new building in 2012.  The organization now has two fully-equipped ambulances and a very nice facility to house them.  Their volunteers are well-trained and ready for service when needed. 

With everything they have going for them, Powers Lake is still always in need of new volunteers.  Anyone interested in taking an EMT or EMR class is asked to contact them at 464-5566. 

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F-M Ambulance Earns Award

The American Heart Association is pleased to honor F-M Ambulance the association's Mission: Lifeline EMS Gold Award for implementing quality improvement standards for the treatment of patients who experience STEMI heart attacks.  The Mission: Lifeline program seeks to close the gaps that separate ST-elevated myocardial infarction (STEMI) patients from the timely access to appropriate treatments they need to save their lives.  Agencies that receive this award have demonstrated at least 75 percent compliance for each required achievement measure for two years, and treat at least 8 STEMI patients for the year.  This is the second year in a row that F-M Ambulance has earned this honor.  Congratulations to F-M Ambulance on your continued commitment to quality care for patients. 

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New Study: E-cigarettes could cut smoking-related deaths by 21 percent

E-cigarettes could lead to a 21 percent drop in deaths from smoking-related diseases in those born after 1997, according to a study published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

The study, funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the National Cancer Institute and the Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network, found that under most plausible scenarios e-cigarettes and other vapor products have a generally positive public health impact. For more on this story, CLICK HERE. 

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Pokémon Go Brings Video Games Outside

Pokémon Go is getting players physically moving in the real world, a change from the stereotypical stationary screen time usually associated with gaming. The app works by allowing GPS to track the gamer’s location, which in turn moves the player’s avatar the same distance on the in-game map.

“There is already clear evidence that people are walking more each day while using it,” said Wei Peng Ph. D, an associate professor at Michigan State University, who studies the potential benefits in using video games and interactive media to promote health.

For more on this story, CLICK HERE. 

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Advocate Spotlight: Janelle Steinberg

Janelle Steinberg North Dakota

I am busy - like crazy, off-the-charts busy.  I have six kids, a husband, a part-time job at my church, a couple of businesses, I run the North Dakota International Pageant, and volunteer opportunities coming out of my ears.  You know what though, I LOVE IT!  I can’t imagine life any other way.  I like having a full day and a full life.

Being busy does have its downside though:  I tend to be late, I may have left a kid behind before, and we eat out more often than we’d like, among other things.  All of those little bumps in my day, they are just that, little.  They are the things that make life interesting, kind of like road construction make summer interesting.   The biggest downside I see in being busy is this….. I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME! 

I don’t have enough time to do all the work I see that needs doing.  Not the work of MY life, the work of the world.  There is a lot that needs to be done, so many ways we can help those around us, so many ways we can reach out and make a difference.  I want to make a difference! But my day is full, my life is full.  I am at the point where I have to say “no” to excellent opportunities.  It is terrible to believe you can be part of the solution and not have the time to do anything about it.  I felt stuck.  I couldn’t figure out how to do more, at least not until the kinks of cloning were figured out.  I need an army.

And that is my why!  There is work to do and I am just one person.  It is time for me to think bigger, to find that army of passionate people.  The American Heart Association and Go Red, thinks like me.  It is time for a movement to start.  No one of us can make a difference alone, but as a nation, as an organization dedicated to change, together we can make a difference.  Together we can save lives.

The AHA equips me personally, by providing health tools, meal planning and physical activities. In turn, I use the knowledge I have learned to change the habits of my family, usually without to many protests.   As Director of the North Dakota International Pageants, I also get to have a professional relationship with Go Red.  The Go Red Movement and the International Pageants are Partners of change.  Daily I get to work with Contestants and women from across North Dakota as they learn about women’s heart health and then as they turn around and become advocates themselves.  Do you see how the circle expands? 

I may be just one busy person, but I am going to live my life making a difference.  One life. One heart at a time.

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The Sodium 411

Thinking about reducing the sodium in your and your family’s diet? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you how extra salt sneaks into your diet and how it hurts your health, and share tips for kissing the excess salt goodbye. We call it the Sodium 411 ... and be sure to keep checking our blog, the Salty Scoop, to learn more.  Here you’ll find the latest information on sodium and your health, healthy recipes, info-graphics, videos about lowering sodium, and our sodium quiz.

Find out how much sodium the American Heart Association recommends and get tips for keeping track of how much sodium you’re eating. Most of us are eating much more sodium than we need, even if we never pick up the salt shaker. Get tips on how to cut back on salt and sodium and move on to a healthier relationship with food. Get healthy recipes and easy tips for cooking with less salt and sodium. We have recipes in English and Spanish.

Need a quick info-graphic to encourage your employees to consumer less salt?  You've come to the right place!  CLICK HERE  Test your sodium IQ but taking our quiz ... find out how YOU can reduce your sodium intake and keep your heart healthy. 

This information is designed to help individuals improve their health and understand heart disease and stroke risks. It is not intended, or to be construed, as medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, and is not a substitute for consultations with qualified health professionals who are familiar with an individual’s medical needs. Individuals with medical conditions or dietary restrictions should follow the advice of a qualified healthcare professional.

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State Capitol Adopts New Healthy Eating Program

According to the American Heart Association, obesity costs U.S. businesses more than $12 billion a year in medical expenses. According to health officials in North Dakota, those costs could plummet if more workplaces adopted a healthy eating program. As part of a pilot program to make the healthy choice the easy choice, the American Heart Association is working with the ND Health Department to bring a heart healthy food program to the busy State Capitol.

Research shows most Americans want to eat healthier, but they often don't have a lot of options, especially at work. This new program will ensure that fresh, healthy options will be available at the Capitol Café where state legislators, state employees and visitors come to eat.  As part of the healthy eating program, the cafe has added fresh fruit, salads and sugar free drinks to its menu.

For more on this story, CLICK HERE. 

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New Video Teaches CPR; CPR Saves Another Life

During CPR week, the American Heart Association launched a new video intended to encourage everyone to learn the life-saving skill of CPR.  This new video demonstrates how easy it is to learn the steps to save a life.  CPR week is an opportunity to raise awareness that everyone should know how to perform Hands Only CPR.  You don't need to attend a training class to know how to save someone's life.  First, call 9-1-1, and then push hard and fast in the center of the chest.  Watch VIDEO HERE. 

Recently, bystanders in Grand Forks stepped in to save a young girl's life after she had been pulled, unresponsive, from a swimming pool. The story could have had a very different ending if a bystander had not immediately began giving the young girl CPR.  Knowing how to perform Hands Only CPR is important because you never know when someone you know may need it.  The chances are that if you actually have to use this life-saving skill. it's going to be on someone you know.  Make sure you are armed with the skill necessary to save a life.  Take a few moments to watch this video so that you know what to do! 

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Help Put Your State on the Map to #ProtectPE

Do you love PE?  So do we!  From a healthy heart to an active mind, physical education supports the whole student.  Physical education has positive impacts on kids' physical, mental, and emotional health- and teaches them about the overall value of making healthy choices, now and into adulthood. Join the movement! 

However, despite the tremendous benefits of physical education, many schools are cutting programs due to competing priorities.  But we have the power to change that!  From Maine to Hawaii, and everywhere in between, we're calling on advocates, like you, to "show the love" for physical education in schools. 

Over 150 “I heart PE” photos have already been shared, representing 33 states, but we need your help keep the momentum going!  Just follow the simple steps below to help fill the PE photo map with supporters from coast to coast:

  1.     Print the "I Heart PE" sign... or make your own!
  2.    Snap a picture of yourself (and family, friends, and neighbors) holding the sign.
  3.    Click on the map below to share your photo!


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Survivor Spotlight: Sheila Long

Sheila Long North Dakota

As a healthy, active and vibrant woman in her 40’s, Sheila Long never expected to experience a heart attack.  Sheila did not have the common risk factors for heart attack – she was a non-smoker, she exercised on a regular basis and maintained a healthy diet and weight.  However, Sheila did have heart disease in her family.  Sheila shares her story of survival to encourage all women to know their numbers, and to know their risk for heart attack – including genetics.  We are proud of Sheila’s courage and determination to raise awareness for heart disease among women.  It can happen to anyone. 

For Sheila's story, CLICK HERE

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