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NJ Should Provide Funding for State's #1 Cause of Preventable Death

by Corinne O. on Thursday, May 9, 2013

Smoking remains the number 1 preventable cause of death in New Jersey and throughout the U.S.  Yet, the State of New Jersey eliminated funding for it's Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program, which funded tobacco prevention and cessation efforts around the state.  The elimination of funding places NJ at 50 out of 50 states for funding tobacco control.

The American Heart Association is advocating for the passage of A2772/S1887, which would create tax parity between cigarettes and other tobacco products, such as cigars.  It is a little known fact that tobacco products other than cigarettes are taxed at a much lower rate than cigarettes, making them more attractive, especially to children.  This bill is expected to generate about $25 million in revenue which would be dedicated to tobacco control in New Jersey.

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