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Advocate Spotlight: Darion Hutchinson

by on Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Darion Hutchinson

My name is Darion Hutchinson and, at the age of 20, I am a stroke survivor. A month before the stroke, I got a migraine that never really went away. I pushed through the pain and actually played the best basketball game of my career. The following Monday I was back in school feeling a little under the weather with what I thought was the flu. Later that day I pushed through practice, even though I felt nauseous.

The next day my headache was more severe and I felt sick to my stomach. I asked my best friend and teammate, Kylee, to stay with me while I tried to rest before practice. The next thing I remember was seeing Kylee with a concerned look on her face asking me what was wrong. I wasn’t able to speak, and I tried to sit up but couldn’t even roll over. I finally pulled myself up with my left arm and then fell, almost hitting my head on the bathroom door. Kylee called 9-1-1, then my sister and my coach. As I lay on the floor I started to panic. I couldn’t speak or move the right side of my body. I didn’t know what was going on.

EMS soon rushed me to the hospital, where I stayed in the stroke ICU for five days. During the first two days I had to lay perfectly still, and by day four I was walking around. After being released from the hospital, the first thing I wanted to do is practice with my team.

I never thought I would be a stroke survivor, and especially at my age. I now realize that a stroke can happen to anyone, and we all need to know the signs and what to do.

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