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Spotlight: Ruth Caruthers, West Virginia

by You're C. on Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ruth Caruthers West Virginia

Corbin Walker Caruthers was born 364 days after his older brother Colton. I had a "normal" pregnancy, regular checkups, and when my water broke the morning after Colton's first birthday, I went into the hospital expecting hours of labor and a healthy baby. I ended up having a last minute c-section and what looked like a healthy baby, but the doctor informed me that Corbin had a heart murmur.

We were scheduled for an echo a couple days later. The first echo was inconclusive, so we were to come back two days later for another. This time, we were given the full diagnosis: Corbin had life threatening heart defects and needed to heart surgery to save his life. Five hours later, Corbin was in Ruby Memorial hospital awaiting surgery.

Three months later, three heart surgeries, and countless IV's and medications later, Corbin's heart stopped. It was about 8:45 on May 17th when they called us to say they were giving him CPR and we needed to come quickly. We watched as a team of doctors and nurses tried their hardest to save Corbin, but it was too late. 

Corbin's story does not end there. A few months after he passed away, I teamed up with two heart moms and the American Heart Association to introduce a bill that would require every newborn in WV to be tested for heart defects. Corbin's Bill passed in a record three months. The hospital where he was born implemented pulse ox screening August 1st, 2012, and many more are to follow. Corbin's story continues on and through his legacy, we are saving lives.