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Great Strides Made at the State Capitol

by Julie H. on Friday, May 10, 2013

The Tennessee General Assembly adjourned on Friday, April 19. Thank you to You're the Cure advocates who contacted lawmakers in support of our issues, signed letters to the editor, and much more!

Although we didn’t have a specific agenda this legislative session, we made great strides in several of our priority areas and we are looking forward to a robust agenda in 2014.

  • Governor’s Health and Wellness Initiative: This initiative is intended to evaluate and promote adoption of health and wellness programs and to promote sustained local initiatives; leverage private contributions and foundation support to develop sustained local initiatives; and perform research, education, awareness, measurement, and reporting on the initiative.
  • 95 County Anti-tobacco Initiative: This initiative includes both primary prevention, which is to help folks not to begin using tobacco products, and secondary prevention, which is to help tobacco users cease tobacco use. It is designed to prevent child and adolescent tobacco use, reducing the long-term cost of related illnesses; reduce exposure to second-hand smoke; and eliminate smoking during pregnancy and cessation of smoking by adults.
  • Decreases sales tax on food: The sales tax rate was reduced on food by a quarter of a cent, from 5.25% to 5%
  • Community Gardens: Produce raised in community gardens can now be sold. Previously, vegetables, herbs, fruit, or flowers grown in community gardens were not legal for resale in the State of Tennessee

Again, thank you for your help! Together, we can continue to improve heart health in Tennessee.

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