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Let Our Children Play!

by Krystle N. on Monday, December 9, 2013

Most of the schools across the state of Florida will be closing their doors this month for a much needed holiday break.  Along with their doors closing many of the schools will also close down their outside facilities as well; locking up perfectly good playgrounds, athletic fields and other areas where our children could play.  These publicly funded school playgrounds are being held away from our children because school districts fear of possible law suit if they kept them open.

Let’s give our schools a choice.  The American Heart Association is working on a bill that would allow schools to choose whether or not to keep their outdoor facilities open for public access.  The bill would give the schools a higher standard of liability protection, if they should choose to keep them open.  Currently schools have protection with simple negligence.  The new law, if passed, would raise that protection to gross negligence.

Giving our children opportunities to get outside and exercise and play is key in fighting the obesity epidemic.  Those opportunities can come in the form of our schools that we, as taxpayers, fund and support.  Ours schools are part of our community and our children should be able to take full advantage of the nearby opportunities.

The American Heart Association would ask you to help us in seeing this proposed legislation become law.  Please go speak to or tweet at your State Representative or Senator and ask them to support us in our efforts.  Ask them to protect our schools from frivolous lawsuits in order to give our children more opportunities to play and be HEALTHY!

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