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Will Weak Alabama Smoke-Free Bill Go Down in Flames?

by Julie H. on Monday, March 10, 2014

A smoke-free bill that leaves many workers unprotected from secondhand smoke is gaining momentum at the State House.  Senate Bill 168 by Senator Vivian Figures has passed the Senate and headed to the House Health Committee. 

In its current form, the bill is supported by the Tobacco Industry and fails to offer comprehensive protection.  Employees and patrons in bars, cigar bars and tobacco retail shops are exempt.  Also exempt are e-cigarettes for which there is no clear science about the health impact of vapor from the product. 

Alabama legislators need to pass a clean bill that protects all workers from secondhand smoke, a risk factor for heart disease, cancer and many other illnesses.  If Senate Bill 168 passes, many legislators may think the fight for smoke-free workplaces is over, that their work on the issue is done.  This would leave thousands of Alabamans unprotected from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Update: On Wednesday, March 12, the House Health Committee voted 7-4 against the bill.  Stay tuned for how you can help keep the fight going for a 100% smoke-free Alabama.

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