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Jacqueline Grantham-Watson, Georgia

by Krystle N. on Thursday, September 13, 2012

On September 15, 2009 I had a mild heart attack at the age of 47. I experienced all the common symptoms of a woman having a heart attack. But I didn’t know it at the time.

It began with nausea and escalated to vomiting for hours. I was so sick, lying on the bathroom floor using the tissue paper roll as a pillow. After hours of this, I felt a pain in my chest that I never experienced before. Around 7:00 am, I purchased a soda to try and calm my stomach. It did not work and I could not keep it down. At 10:00 am, I was still holding my chest with what I thought was bad indigestion. 

Dr. Oz’s program came on the television showing the five warning signs of heart attacks in women: vomiting, hot and cold spells, chest pain, nausea, dizziness and jaw or back pain (I did not have this symptom). This is when I realized I was having a heart attack!

I smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for thirty-four years prior. That day I quit. I have never smoked a cigarette since. I do have a history of heart disease in my family; my dad had a quadruple bypass at 48 years old. Although heart disease is hereditary, I believe that smoking played a major part in my disease.