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Share your Story: Kimara Ellefson

by Jason H. on Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kimara Ellefson Wisconsin

They told me that I would not survive to see my 30th birthday.

When they found my heart defect in my early twenties, they told me that I would not survive to see my 30th birthday. Today, I am 38. That's eight years of life that are a gift thanks to the amazing research that the American Heart Association funds through generous donations from people like you!  In those eight years I have held and loved 5 nieces and nephews, traveled the world to help the poor, sponsored more than 20 children, and simply lived, laughed and cried with my family and friends.  That's why I give both of my time and money to the American Heart Association.  I give in honor of those 8 years and I give in honor of those who have not been given that same gift. Will you join me today?  Will you give the gift of life to someone like me?  Thank you so much!