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Michigan Student Athlete Saved by On-Site School AED

by Jeanne R. on Thursday, May 16, 2013

There are a growing number of students going into sudden cardiac arrest while participating in athletic activities, making it the leading cause of death in young athletes. For every minute that defribillation is delayed the survival rates drops 7 - 10%.  By placing an automated external defbrillators (AEDs) in schools the chance of survival for these young athletes increases dramatically. Just ask Chris Fowler, a Ovid-Elsie High School football player who went into sudden cardiac arrest during football practice last year.  Luckily, the Ovid-Elsie high school had an AED and with the quick thinking and action of staff, Chris is able to play sports once again.  Click here to read Chris' story

This story highlights why the American Heart Association is encouraging lawmakers to support House Bill 4272. This legislation would require all schools to develop and implement a cardiac emergency response plan (CERP) that would include the following components: 

  • Regular, coordinated cardiac emergency response drills which provide for training in the identification of and response to cardiac emergencies.
  • Use and regular maintenance of automated external defibrillator(s) (AED), when available
  • Activation of a cardiac emergency response team during an identified cardiac emergency
  • A plan for effective and efficient communication throughout the school campus
  • A plan for training all students (grades 9-12) in AED use and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques
  • Incorporation and integration of the local emergency response system
  • A plan for evaluation of the implementation of the plan after each cardiac emergency response drill

You can learn more about this issue and help advocate for it's passage by joining our "You're the Cure" network at

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