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Share Your Story: Wilma Shannon

by Anne S. on Friday, August 23, 2013

Wilma Shannon Muncie, IN

A Miracle on Christmas Eve

It was late in the evening, on December 23, 2001, and I had been wrapping Christmas presents for my kids. My arm had been hurting for a couple of days and I thought it was from carrying shopping bags at the mall. The pain became so severe that I asked my husband, to take me to the emergency room at our local hospital in Muncie. I was blessed that a great Cardiologist was on duty that evening.
Upon arrival, I was rushed back to a room, and hooked up to monitors. To my surprise, I was in the middle of a heart attack. I had never had any heart problems previously, so the arm pain I was having, just didn’t seem that serious to me. I know each person can experience different symptoms, but for me, it was arm pain. I had never read up on all the symptoms for a heart attack, but I sure wished I had.
Hospital nurses asked my husband, sons and daughter-in-law to exit the room while they were taking care of me. I knew it was serious, and as they were leaving, the thought crossed my mind, that it could be the last time, I saw my family. I looked up at my doctor, and as I begin to cry, I asked him, “Please don’t let me die.” I have a lot of faith, and I know the angels were watching over me, but to be that close to death was a scary feeling. Yes, I believe in miracles, because I am living proof!

I was taken into surgery the next morning, where they put in two stents. I stayed in the hospital for several days. My loving family had refused to open gifts or have Christmas without me, so they waited until I got to go home to have Christmas. When I finally got to go home, I only got to stay a few days, and was rushed back to the hospital, where four more stents were put in.
That has been 12 years ago, and today, I am doing great. Yes, my life-style has changed in so many ways! I do Cardio 4-5 days a week, I watch what I eat, and I don’t let stress get me down, like I use to. I do not let the little things in life upset or bother me any longer, because I know, stress can be bad on the heart. I do not take one day for granted. One of the most important things I do is keep my doctor’s visits regularly. So important!

I am in a Southern Gospel Group, “The Shannons” and we travel all over the nation. I try to get the word out to as many people as I can, by telling them, that heart disease is not just a man’s disease any longer, that it’s the number one killer of women today. I pass out brochures, when I have them to anyone who wants to know about heart disease. If I can help just one person, then it’s worth the journey.
Christmas Eve, is a little more special to me now. I feel, I was given a second chance at life, and I want to make the best of it that I possibly can.
Note: Wilma Shannon is a Southern Gospel Artist/Recording Artist-Married to James, 2 sons, Shawn and Chris, a daughter-in-law Stacey and two grandchildren, Lexiana and Drake.

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