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My Story: Dave Amundson

by Pamela M. on Monday, September 30, 2013

Dave Amundson South Dakota

Dave Amundson understands how important education and awareness is when recognizing the signs of a heart attack.  Thankfully, Dave remembered hearing that you should take an aspirin if you think you are experiencing a heart attack.  That may have saved his life. 

Dave also credits research advances funded by the American Heart Association for the stents and rehab that helped him recover from his heart attack and get back in the air as a pilot for United Airlines. Dave recognized his symptoms were unusual and could be a heart attack.  He acted appropriately and from the time his event started to successful angioplasty was 75 minutes.  Dave now advocates for continued funding and support of lifesaving research as part of the You’re the Cure network.  Dave participated in the AHA’s Lobby Day on the Hill this past year and has visited with South Dakota’s congressional delegation on numerous occasions to advocate for continued investment in NIH research – the kind of research that not only made it possible for Dave to return to work, but made it possible for Dave to return to his life. 

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  • Way to go Dave! Thank you for sharing and emphasizing the need to become more educated on the signs a person may be having a heart attack (even yourself).

    — Lee H.

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