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Share Your Story: Jonathan Lockie

by Christy D. on Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jonathan Lockie, Iowa

“Essentially, our son has half a heart.”  My mind spun as my husband summarized our newborn’s list of congenital heart defects.  Jonathan’s best chance of survival was a series of three open heart surgeries, countless procedures, and months in the hospital. 

Even with the medical advances that make Jonathan’s life possible, congenital heart disease remains the most common birth defect.  Childhood survival rates have risen from below 20% in the 1950s to more than 90% today.  Despite the increase in survival rate, more research is needed to ensure a high quality of life.  A heartbeat is not enough; I want my baby to survive and thrive.  There is no cure for CHD—survivors continuously face life-threatening risks including heart failure, rhythm issues, stroke, and neurological issues. 

Despite the rough start and future procedures scheduled, Jonathan is now 18 months old, home, and full of love for his family and friends.