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Share your Story: K.C. Sanders

by Jason H. on Friday, October 3, 2014

K.C. Sanders Michigan

I thought it was just another migraine.  Not this time. 

I went immediately to the emergency room.  The doctors recognized that I'd had a stroke.  I thought to myself "36 year old women can't have strokes"...  I spent 42 days in the ICU, then 7 months of physical, occupational, and aquatic therapy 3 times weekly.  I relearned dressing, daily living activities, and most of all walking.  I still have side effects from my stroke, on my left side.  I can't work, so I advocate for the AHA/ASA.  I've done presentations, local interviews, lectured Michigan State University medical students and attended National Lobby Day in Washington, D.C.  I tell women to listen to their bodies, not other's experiences. We only have one life, there's no do over.  I've advised legislators to direct funds for research and stroke prevention because I don't want this to happen to someone they love.