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Share your Story: Melanie Moody

by Jason H. on Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Melanie Moody Wisconsin

"If you would have waited a few more hours your son would not be with you today."

These were the words we were told from Aiden’s surgeon on February 19th, 2007.  Aiden was born 5 weeks earlier.  The doctor had mentioned to us that Aiden had a heart murmur, but it was probably nothing we needed to worry about.  At home, over the next few weeks, Aiden’s condition worsened.  He was hardly eating, sleeping more, his fingers were getting bluer, he was breathing faster, and I could feel his heart pounding through his back.  We rushed him to the emergency room on February 18th.  We were told Aiden required emergency open heart surgery for a heart defect called Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return.

Aiden is now 5 years old and has impacted our life in so many ways.  He is such a caring and loving boy.  People seem to be drawn to his smile.  He has developmental delays that possibly could have been avoided, but I do not know what we would do without him.  Luckily, our parental instinct told us something was wrong with Aiden.  But his suffering and ours could have been avoided if Pulse Oximetry testing was routine for newborns.