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Share your Story: Lori Haehle

by Jason H. on Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lori Haehle Wisconsin

My heart attack.

Four years ago, at the age of 52, I had a heart attack.  A lot has changed in the past four years and because of that, I have a whole new perspective on life.  To begin, I struggled when I came home from the hospital.  I was upset, shocked, and saddened when I discovered I had heart disease.  During that time I felt defeated.  The reality is that heart disease is a very aggressive and deadly disease and we must remember prevention is key.  With that in mind I began to fight heart disease.  I have become very active with the WomanHeart organization and now lead WomenHeart support groups for women in the community.  Every morning that I wake up I feel blessed and I would not change any event or struggle that has occurred, because that has made me what I am today.  My cardiac event has taught me that each moment is a precious gift, and no gift should be wasted.  It is important to see each day as a new opportunity to impact any person that crosses your path.  Always remember life is what you choose to make of it, and you are never alone.