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Share your Story: Michele Block

by Jason H. on Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Michele Block Wisconsin

Heart disease is a part of my family.

My name is Michele.  I have two girls ages 11 and 6.  Why do I volunteer for the American Heart Association?  I never want my girls to ever have to hear that I should be dead.  Those are the words my mother heard from the surgeon who was going to preform quadruple bypass the next morning.  I was never so scared as to think that she might wheel into surgery, but she may not wheel out. Now my mom visits the cardiologist regularly and has to takes medications to keep her alive.  I don't want to just be alive, I want to live.  If a member of your family has heart disease then you all live with it.  I am living now for the future by eating healthy and exercising. Am I strict about it?  Not all the time, but I don’t stress about it, I just start over the next day.  I believe that advocating for women to know their bodies is critical in this busy world.  I coordinate Jump Rope for Heart in my girls’ school and I help out with my local Heart Walk.  Know your numbers.  Relax and enjoy life.  You only get one.