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Share your Story: Heather Boehlke

by Jason H. on Thursday, October 4, 2012

Heather Boehlke Wisconsin

My world turned wrong side up.

The morning of February 25th, 2009, the day after my 24th birthday, my world turned wrong side up.  I couldn’t see straight, I was so dizzy that I couldn’t think, and I was vomiting with each movement.  I was rushed by ambulance to the emergency room.  Bits and pieces remain in my memory at this point.  What is clear is that I remember hearing the doctor tell my family I’d had a massive stroke in my cerebellum and they weren’t sure I would ever walk, talk, or be myself again.  I would spend the next five weeks in the hospital beginning to recover.

Three and a half years later I am now starting to see the silver lining to my stroke.  I have since married and had twin daughters in June of 2011, I left teaching and am pursuing a degree in nursing, and I have learned how to trust my body.  Before having my stroke I continually had headaches, my blood pressure was steadily increasing, and I would have periods where my vision was affected.  I never thought something was wrong and blamed any issues I had on stress or lack of sleep.  After having a stroke, I have learned to be more in tune with what my body is telling me, if I have pain or headaches I listen to them and I never fear calling my doctor, even if it turns out to be nothing.  I have also learned to be more informed about what I put into my body.  My stroke was attributed to a blood clot caused by a birth control pill that I had been prescribed by my doctor.  I now make sure I research all side effects of medicines before taking them and I do my best to eat healthy and exercise.  Although my life will never be the same since having a stroke, I know that I have been given a second opportunity at life, and I will never let life pass me by again.