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My Story: Beverly Goff

by Anne S. on Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beverly Goff Fort Wayne, IN

In July, 2011, I was invited to a “Go Red for Women” American Heart Association breakfast and decided to take a van full of business associates.   During this breakfast I knew this was invitation was purposeful and not a chance encounter.  As three women stood up to tell their stories regarding heart attacks, I knew each one of them and their stories resonated with me.  The pervasive message was the same with each person, being so busy, taking care of everyone else but themselves, and ignoring critical symptoms.     Their stories spoke directly to me because I live a busy life focused on everyone else but myself.   The breakfast was a “pivotal moment” because I could relate to three women who shared stores of surviving heart attacks after ignoring symptoms. I realized the same thing could happen to me, and I decided to volunteer to be on the committee for the Go Red for Women luncheon.

The committee members decided to have a Biggest Loser challenge by selecting 15 women who were willing to begin a healthier lifestyle by following the “Better U Program” on the American Heart Association website.   We each had blood work conducted before beginning the program and I discovered I had high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, and was borderline diabetic.  I realized I was a walking time bomb ready to be another statistic if I did not take charge of my life.  After three months following the Better U program and use of a personal trainer, I have lost 7 inches around my middle, plus 20 pounds.  The best outcome from this program came from the blood work taken after 12 weeks.  Every aspect had improved and I no longer needed medication.  I have incorporated healthy eating and exercise into my daily life and haven’t felt this good in years.