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A Life Saved. You did that!

by Pamela M. on Friday, November 9, 2012

A story came to us this afternoon that you have to read, to believe!  A recent western MN “STEMI save” that was the result of paramedics performing a 12 lead in the field and activating the cath lab at the hospital.  The patient was actually in his deer stand last Saturday when he suffered acute debilitating chest pain and was unable to get to his vehicle.  He called his son who was in a neighboring tree stand, who called the patient’s wife, who called EMS (yes, she did the right thing!).  First responders arrived on the scene, followed by paramedic staffed ambulance.  The paramedics had to be taken to the patient via pick-up due to the location of the tree stand.  They performed a 12 lead ECG out at the tree stand and called ahead to notify the hospital that he was a STEMI.  The patient was then loaded in the pick-up and taken to the ambulance.  It was quite the ordeal, and even the local railroad was involved, as it sounds like a train had to be stopped by police so the patient could be transported.  The time from the field ECG to the time of the PCI was an incredible 74 minutes.  Not bad considering the fact that they still had to get the patient to the ambulance and transported to the PCI from the rural area after the ECG was performed!!

Yes, North Dakota, you did that when you supported the Mission: Lifeline project.  A life saved. 

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  • These kind of stories will become more frequent in North Dakota.  Please don''t hesitate to share these stories as they happen and as lives are saved in North Dakota.  

    — Pamela M.

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