A great month for You're the Cure Advocates

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A great month for You're the Cure Advocates

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"Research saves lives" has been the message of the month for August.  With Members of Congress home for their recess break, advocates have been asking their legislators to make protecting National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding a priority when they return to Captiol Hill.  The NIH faces massive funding cuts, also known as the sequester, scheduled for January 2013,which would result in job losses for researchers and critical heart and stroke discoveries being put on hold. 

Dozens of advocates met with their legislators in district offices to share their story about why research matters.  And  across the country, advocates have been delivering the message virtually, with over 7,000 messages sent to Capitol Hill in support of protecting NIH funding in the last several weeks alone. 

Have you sent your message yet?  If not, there is still time!  Here is how you can get involved:

  1. Send a quick email to your lawmakers right now in support of protecting funding for the NIH!
  2. Use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about how critical research is to preventing and treating heart disease and stroke. Share this video with friends, family, and lawmakers today!
  3. Contact your local AHA advocacy staff partner to learn about ways you can get involved offline, such as sharing your Research Saves Lives story or meeting with your elected officials. 

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  • Yes, you are the cur,thanks AHA.

  • Advocacy is one he best way to get things done. Thanks AHA for your advocacy.

  • I agree, but we should advocate everyday for cardiovascular disease and stroke,thank you AHA/ASA.

  • Every month should be an advocacy month,thank you AHA.