AHA Supports the Cardiomyopathy HEARTS Act

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AHA Supports the Cardiomyopathy HEARTS Act

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The American Heart Association is proud to support the Cardiomyopathy HEARTS Act, federal legislation which would help to identify children at risk of sudden cardiac arrest and prevent unnecessary, pre-mature deaths.  Did you know that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death on school property?  In fact cardiomyopathy is a leading cause of sudden cardiac arrest in the young.

Spearheaded by the AHA's partner, the Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation (CCF), the Cardiomyopathy HEARTS Act aims to raise awareness of cardiomyopathy and the risk of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) among school personnel, parents and students.  The bill requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop educational materials on cardiomyopathy symptoms, risk assessment forms, and guidelines for cardiac emergency response plans, including AED placement, for schools.  These resources would be available on line as well as disseminated to schools and childcare centers nationwide.

To learn more about the effort and get involved visit the CCF site for details.


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  • Yes,thanks AHA/ASA

  • Good news, we need research on cadiomyopathy. Lets find the cure.

  • Thank you AHA for partnering with Children's  Cardiomyoathy Foundation,CCF and ACF for bring attention to children with cardiovascular disease - they are our next generation , we need the cure.