Protect Medicare Stroke Patients!

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Protect Medicare Stroke Patients!

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For most people, the end of the year is a joyous time, filled with anticipation for the New Year. However, for millions of stroke patients on Medicare and their families, this is a time of worry.

That’s because, unless Congress acts by December 31st, unfair caps on their rehabilitation coverage will kick in on January 1st, leaving patients with extremely limited access to critical therapy services and facing steep out-of-pocket costs. Will you take a minute to speak-up for stroke patients and ask your legislators to prevent this from happening now?

Following a stroke, speech, physical, and occupational therapies are necessary for many survivors to regain their ability to walk, talk, and carry out daily activities again. But the arbitrary, annual limits soon to be placed on these treatments for Medicare beneficiaries threaten their recovery.

That’s why we need Congress to swing into action now and either repeal the caps or extend the Medicare therapy caps “exceptions process”, which has allowed patients needing additional therapy to access the care they need. Send a quick email today to help keep this urgent issue at the front of lawmakers’ minds during this busy time on Capitol Hill.

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  • I agree, protect  medicare for stroke patients and all patients.

  • With the ACA law everyone will have healthcare coverage - we must always protect medicare.