Pants Too Tight? Cut the Salt!

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Pants Too Tight? Cut the Salt!

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Nine out of ten Americans consume too much salt- and more and more we are hearing about the serious health consequences it leads to.  Excess sodium in your diet can cause high blood pressure and lead to heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, headaches, and more.  But did you know that extra sodium may also be affecting your appearance? 

Surprising, right? Excess sodium leads to increased water retention, which can cause puffiness, bloating, and weight gain.  You can learn more from our new inforgraphic- Effects of Excess Sodium on Health and Appearance.

 With the average American consuming more than twice the daily recommended limit of sodium, this is important information we all need to be aware of.  Share the new infographic with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter today.

The sooner you can start to reduce your salt intake, the better off your heart will be.  And maybe it will make fitting into those pants a little easier too!

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  • Watch what eat, especially fast foods and  exercise daily.

  • I agree, too much cost to retain fluid, witch my cost several differnnt problems (kidney problems,hypertension and etc).

  • Your body need sodium, too much can be very harmful to you. Thanks AHA/ASA for your support.