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Show Congress the Face of Medical Research

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When Congress cuts funding for medical research, as it did in March, we all feel the impact.  Many research labs that rely on funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have been forced to delay or abandon promising projects and to fire staff.  The end result: patients will wait longer for new treatments and cures to help them overcome the most debilitating diseases, like heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's.     

Funding NIH is not just about the numbers.  It's about the real people who are counting on medical research to deliver a cure or improve their quality of life.

Whether you are a heart disease or stroke survivor, caregiver, researcher, medical professional, or advocate, we need your help to show Members of Congress the face of medical research!  Add your name and picture to our photo petition today!

A group of You're the Cure advocates will join our partners in the medical research community to visit Members of Congress in Washington, DC on September 18th.  They'll take with them the names and photos of thousands of fellow You're the Cure advocates- like YOU- who have joined the call to our nation's decision-makers to prioritize our nation's investment in medical research.

Don't miss this opportunity!  Be sure you are among those telling Congress: WE NEED CURES, NOT CUTS!  

We can't bring everyone to Capitol Hill, but we can still deliver your message to lawmakers. Be sure to sign the petition and add your photo today! 

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  • I agree, research is very important to and everyone else, research means difference between life and death. Research help to discover  the cure (example) research has helped me, I have a mechanical aortic valve (because of research ,researchers learned how to do this). Thank you AHA.

  • The face of research has many faces (general public).

  • I am the face of medical research, I have a mechanical aortic valve. Thank you medical research.