Tell FDA Officials: Menthol Must Go

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Tell FDA Officials: Menthol Must Go

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Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death in our country and is a significant risk factor for heart disease and stroke. And now, there is compelling scientific evidence that menthol in cigarettes leads more young people to take up smoking, increases nicotine addiction and makes it more difficult for smokers to quit.

As the Food and Drug Administration considers if and how they should regulate menthol in cigarettes, will you help send them a clear message?

They must act quickly to remove menthol cigarettes from the market. Any delay will result in more lives lost.

The tobacco industry should not be allowed to further endanger the lives of young people and minority populations, those most likely to use menthol cigarettes.

The negative impact on our nation's health is clear. Ask FDA officials to act swiftly to prohibit the use of menthol in cigarettes.

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  • Years ago,as a teenager,  when I became a smoker, menthol was part of the reason I developed the cigarette habit. It felt cool and refreshing and took the offensive taste from the burning tobacco and tars. I no longer smoke and have not for several decades. I definately believe that eliminating menthol from tobacco products would reduce the number of our youth taking up the habit.

  • Thank you for sharing your own experience, Barbara! Sadly, I think what you describe is far too common and puts our young people at risk for so many health problems. Here''s hoping the FDA hears your story and takes prompt action!

  • I agree, menthol must go, it is bad for you.FDA we need your help, thank you in advance.