Action Needed: Last Chance to Stop Therapy Caps

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Action Needed: Last Chance to Stop Therapy Caps

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For stroke survivors on Medicare and their families, the countdown to March 31st is like déjà vu.  Year after year, Congress waits until the last minute to pass temporary fixes to the ‘therapy cap’ problem, but this year, we’re saying enough is enough.  Will you join us in telling Congress to stop therapy caps for good? 

Therapy caps are unfair coverage limits placed on the rehabilitation stroke survivors need to recover and thrive following a stroke.  If Congress does not act before March 31st, a typical Medicare beneficiary would face a $1900 cap on their outpatient therapy care, with no exceptions.  On average, that amounts to a single evaluation and just 19 outpatient therapy sessions. However, stroke survivors often need 3-5 therapy sessions a week, which means they’d reach the caps in less than two months.

We feel that stroke survivors’ rehab plans should be decided between them and their health care providers, not by arbitrary limits set in Washington, D.C..  Help us demand better for stroke survivors by sending an email to your legislators today!

With your help, we can end therapy caps and give stroke survivors and their families the peace of mind that the care they need to recover from a stroke will be there for them, without limits.


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  • I agree!

  • I agree, let's do all we can to help stroke patients and their families. Thank you ASA.