On Kick Butts Day, Let's Commit to Making Tobacco History

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On Kick Butts Day, Let's Commit to Making Tobacco History

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American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown teamed up with Matthew Myers, President of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, on a blog post for The Huffington Post this week.  Check out what they had to say about the importance of Kick Butts Day (March 19th) and the tobacco control goals our nation's leading public health and medical organizations are joining forces to achieve...

"As part of my job, I'm frequently on the go, traveling all across the country. I love interacting with people from coast to coast and seeing which trends are taking over which areas.

Sadly, no matter where I go, there's one constant: Kids who are smoking.

Long after their parents and grandparents learned of the serious health risks of tobacco products, young adults, teens -- and, even more frighteningly, pre-teens -- are still lighting up."   Read the full article.

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  • I agree, everyday,should be kick butt day, this may help us to have a smoke free world o e day.

  • Always kick butt day regarding smoking products.

  • Today is National Diabetes Day, their is a link between smoking and diabetes -  I put the link to quit smoking on social media. One day will have a smoke free world. Thank you AHA/ASA.