New CDC Study on Poison Centers and E-cigarettes Reinforces Need for FDA Regulation

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New CDC Study on Poison Centers and E-cigarettes Reinforces Need for FDA Regulation

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Washington, D.C., April 3, 2014 American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown made the following comments on the study released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the rise in e-cigarette calls to poison centers:

"The CDC’s latest study on e-cigarettes is in one word – disturbing. The rapid increase in calls to poison control centers for exposure to e-cigarette liquid, particularly among young children, points to a serious problem. New data such as this cries out for Food and Drug Administration oversight of these products.

With more than 51 percent of all reported e-cigarette poisonings involving children under the age of five, immediate action is needed to keep children from ingesting or coming into contact with these products. Manufacturers should disclose the ingredients and dangers of these products in clear and detailed warning labels, limit their use of fruit and candy flavors that appeal to children, and restrict the marketing and sale of e-cigarettes to youth.

E-cigarettes need to be regulated, researched and monitored closely. The American Heart Association urges the FDA to take prompt action to protect the public’s health and bring these products under its jurisdiction."

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  • Last week someone told me about how she jokingly told her father that she would buy him an e-cigarette after her mother found a pack of cigarettes- he was supposed to have quit smoking several years ago. When I asked why she would offer the e-cigarette, she said that her friend sells them and that the e-cigarette only have nicotine in it. I emphasized that the nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes and which still causes disease (including and beyond lung cancer), and from the conversation I could tell that she did not know that the e-cigarettes were still bad.I thought this was so surprising but I feel like a product of both marketing and what she has probably heard from her friend. I believe that e-cigarettes are marketed in a way that end up communicating that they are the solution to traditional smoking of cigarettes, but this just isn't true. A tobacco cessation counselor recently visited my nursing class and discussed how e-cigarettes have begun to normalize smoking again, and this is really concerning. Significant health risks are still present when using e-cigarettes.

  • I think that something should be done to regulate the sall and use of an e-ciarette. I have not been my self affected by the use of one, but do work in patient care as a health care provider and always recommend that they quit all use of tobacco.

  • I agree, we need to regulate all smoking  products ( really a smoke free world).

  • FDA does need to regulate these products, hopefully we will have a smoke free world. We need to educate our children (in schools,news paper,commercial s and etc). Thanks AHA/ASA.

  • Thanks CDC,FDA and AHA/ASA for your campaign on tobacco and smoking products.