Relief for stroke patients on Medicare

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Relief for stroke patients on Medicare

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There is some big news to report from Washington, D.C. Over the past several months, thousands of You’re the Cure advocates like you have sent over 8,500 messages to Capitol Hill urging their lawmakers to stop potentially devastating caps on outpatient therapy for stroke survivors on Medicare. This week Congress listened and took action on these therapy caps!

On Monday, the Senate followed the House by passing the Protecting Access to Medicare Act. Included in this bill, which the President signed into law on Tuesday, is a provision that extends the Medicare therapy caps exceptions process for the next 12 months. This means for the next year, stroke survivors on Medicare can rest assured that they will have access to the crucial rehabilitation needed to help in their recovery. Now decisions around therapy won’t be hampered by an arbitrary cap or coverage limits.

Even though this is a victory for stroke patients on Medicare, we were disappointed that these therapy caps were not permanently repealed. Although this 12 month reprieve is welcomed, it is unfortunate that stroke survivors might find their crucial therapy in jeopardy again a year from now. We will continue fighting for a repeal of the caps and will no doubt need your help in the future. But for the moment, we should all be proud of this accomplishment.

Thank you for the actions you take to ensure the priorities of heart and stroke patients are kept in front of our nation’s decision-makers.

You make a difference.

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  • I agree.

  • Good news for stroke patients, larger.

  • Stroke victims should not have their ability to receive rehabilitation threatened. Rehabilitation is so important to improving quality of life after a stroke. It is great that the limit was extended, but the end of the 12 months will be here soon. It will be important to push to again prevent the cap.

  • Is the therapy cap relief just for stroke patients - or is it for any patient that might need extended therapy past that arbitrary number??  After all, that is not a lot of therapy when PT is combined with Speech in the same dollar amount.

  • This Is good news.  My husband passed away recently after a six month battle with a stroke.  Everyday of his illness was battle for physical therapy. I had a physical therapist deny him once stating she could not justify it to medicare. Broke my heart.

  • Good news this will benefit a lot of people.