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Speak Up for Tobacco Regulation

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The Food and Drug Administration has proposed a new rule that would regulate all tobacco products, including cigars, electronic cigarettes, pipe tobacco, hookah tobacco, nicotine gels and dissolvables. This is a good step, as the FDA must have authority over these products to protect public health.

Among the new rule's requirements, manufacturers would have to disclose ingredient lists for their products and include warning labels on product packages and advertisements. It would ban the sale of these products to anyone under the age of 18, however, the rule does not go far enough to protect young people from the harms of tobacco.

As proposed, the rule does not prohibit the use of candy and fruit flavorings in these tobacco products. It also does not restrict marketing, despite a recent study showing a sharp increase in youth exposure to e-cigarette advertising in recent years. Candy and fruit flavorings and advertisements may account for the rapid rise in cigar and e-cigarette use by young people. These measures must be added.  

The public has until July 9th to submit comments on the proposed rule before it is finalized by the agency. You can tell FDA stronger standards are needed for all tobacco products. Add your voice today!

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  • The FDA should definitely prohibit the use of candy and fruit flavorings tobacco products, which would make those products more attractive to our youth. They should also restrict marketing of any tobacco products to prevent promotion of tobbacco use to any new customers.

    Most importantly, the FDA should plan to make tobacco products illegal to anyone under the age of 18 and increase the age by one year every year until tobacco procts are completely eliminated from the market.  No other product with far reaching health concerns are legal to sell. With the resurrgance of use of tobacco products by youth, it is clear that we will never rid ourselves of this health and financial burden until we eliminate tobacco products from the market.  

  • The proposal is insulting and demeaning at best. These are dangerous and deadly too.  Ban them

  • Tobacco needs to be regulated like any other dangerous drug!

  • Nicotine is a drug. Regulate it like a drug.

  • Tobacco is bad for those that use it and bad for those that must live with it and be around it.  Stop the hurting of your own health and that of others.

  • Should be destroyed & plant flax & hemp.  It is a negative for all.

  • My husband started smoking at 13 & died from complications from lung cancer at age 58 & I now have asthma from being around his smoking !  Smoking as well as drinking aren't good for the person doing them or the ones around them !  Ban tobacco forever !!!!

  • my daddy died at 55....smoked himself to death.  

    such a shame

  • I have several friends whose lives have been ruined by cigarette smoke. Two are on constant oxygen and still have a lot of trouble breathing, One of them has quit smoking, but the other even though on the oxygen still smokes. That is VERY  dangerous, but she will not quit. Another died of lung cancer even though she didn't smoke herself. She was a victim of second-hand smoke. She died at a much younger age than she should have. NO smoking should be allowed.

  • I agree, we need to speak for tobacco regulation, we need a smoke free world (this is best for everyone).

  • My Grandmom and my mom both died from cancer from smokeing - thank god I quit in 1996 after smokieng 20 year's !!  I don't know if a brain anyuerisum's can be caused from stopping smokeing,or not ? We had to loose our loved one's and we never got compensation. The USA Government don't care because USA profit's from getting paid taxe's from the tobacco companie's. Now we have had to fight our manager's over the smoker's that get to smoke while we suffer from dirty air.  Wilma L. Ingram  Oregon

  • Please continue to support our initiatives on tobacco for the betterment of all citizens.

  • Thank you AHA for helping the to be aware of to back products and their side effects. I feel that we should have a smoke free world.

  • I agree, all tobaco products should be kept away from children. Everyone should stay away from to bacca products - these products will kill you. Thank you AHA/ASA.

  • I agree, all tobaco products should be kept away from children. Everyone should stay away from to bacca products - these products will kill you. Thank you AHA/ASA.