AHA Releases First Policy Statement on E-Cigarettes

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AHA Releases First Policy Statement on E-Cigarettes

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For five decades, our volunteers and staff have worked to curb tobacco use and prevent death and disease caused by smoking.  Now, the growing popularity of e-cigarettes, a new product on the tobacco landscape, demands our attention.

After a thorough examination of the available science, we’ve just released our first policy statement on e-cigarettes. American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown had this to say on today's release:

 In the just-released statement, you’ll find:

  • Strong support for regulations that would prohibit marketing or selling e-cigarettes to minors
  • A recommendation that e-cigarettes be included in existing smoke-free laws
  • Guidance for healthcare providers who would counsel patients about e-cigarettes
  • A call for continued research and monitoring of these rapidly evolving products

You can read more about this policy statement on the main AHA blog. Then, take a moment to tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Smoking poses the same risks to you as e-cigarettes!  Anything other than oxygen and respiratory medications inhaled into the lungs should be prohibited

  • E cigarettes are another way to fool the public into thinking they are making a healthier choice!!

    I have experienced first hand the vapors from one while dining in a restaurant it was awful.


  • I agree, we should standards for these products. Thank you FDA and AHA/ASA. Keep up the good work.

  • Nicotine is nicotine.  E cigarettes is just another vehicle to deliver the drug.and still creates second hand exposure. Agree with the FDA and AHA/ASA

  • Yes, let's standards on e-cigarette and tobacco products before someone dies. These products are very harmful. Thanks AHA.

  • The use of e-cigarettes are as bad as tobacco products, these will kill you in the long run.Thank you AHA for getting the word out to the general public.

  • They should be treated the same way as cigarettes. Definitely should not be sold to minors or advertised as a safe alternative to cigarette smoking.

  • E-cigarettes and vaping products have grown very fast among college students on my campus.  We were able to put in place a strong tobacco-free campus policy that prohibits e-cigarettes and vaping products in addition to traditional tobacco products.  But, in that process, a core group of students argued for "smokers' rights" and "personal freedom," which echoes the advertising appeals for e-cigarettes.  I've also noticed that when a quick product survey is offered on commercial websites, that one of the "premiums" for completing the survey is a free starter kit for e-cigarettes.  Such practices and advertising must be stopped if we have a shot at creating a tobacco-free generation  Thank you, American Heart Association, for taking this stand!

  • Thank you AHA, we are on the wright path to a smoke free community.