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  • “Hello! My name is ____”

    It’s time to welcome the 113 th Congress! We all know the best welcomes are personal, so we’re asking You’re the Cure advocates to introduce themselves to their members of Congress by recording a video and uploading it to Facebook. ...
  • Learn & Share Your Post-Stroke Tips

    After a stroke, even the simplest tasks can be very challenging. That's why the American Stroke Association created a volunteer-powered library to gather ideas from stroke survivors, caregivers and healthcare professionals who’ve created or...
  • You're Invited! State of Women's Heart Health Webinar

    Are you ready to kick-off American Heart Month in a big way? Join us for the 3rd Annual State of Women's Heart Health webinar!
  • We Need More PE!

    One important way to stop this rise in obesity and chronic disease in our children is by establishing lifelong physical activity habits with strong physical education (PE) programs and regular physical activity opportunities throughout the day in our...
  • Share Your Story: Jose Maldonado

    Jose Maldonado Maryland In 2002, I suffered a devastating stroke. As I began my struggle with physical therapy, I realized that it was just as tough on me, as it was on my family to see me this way. So, I committed myself to 4 to 6 hours a day of therapy...
  • Our new anthem: life is why

    School behavioral specialist Carla Leonard had her hand on her heart during the Pledge of Allegiance when a heart attack nearly killed her. Her doctor didn’t mince words with her family afterward: “If I didn’t have surgery, they should...
  • Let's Improve the American Diet

    If the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) eliminated trans fats from the American diet, we could prevent over 10,000 heart attacks and more than 3,000 deaths per year. But, the FDA needs to hear from you first! Let your voice be heard today!
  • Congressional Women ‘Go Red’ For American Heart Month

    A bipartisan group of women from the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate joined the American Heart Association on Valentine’s Day to ‘Go Red’ in support of the 43 million women who are currently living with heart disease. Women...
  • Share Your Story: Mary Beth Miller

    Mary Beth Miller Alabama Our daughter was born with a very complex congenital heart defect. As new parents we have these dreams for our children: becoming a star athlete; an astronaut; having a family of their own. We never expect those dreams to be...
  • Many Hearts, One Voice on Capitol Hill

    Against the backdrop of Washington, DC’s famous cherry blossoms, 300 You’re the Cure advocates joined together in our nation’s capital in April to deliver a strong message to Congress: Invest in our health!
  • Welcome to Our You're the Cure Community

    Welcome to the new and improved You’re the Cure website. I’m Clarissa, and I have had the privilege of overseeing the You’re the Cure program for the past seven years. You may recognize my name from our emails. Admittedly, it’s...
  • Our #CHDweek Message: Pulse Ox Saves Lives!

    Critical congenital heart disease (CCHD) is the most common birth defect in the U.S.. Early detection is key, which is why advocates across the country are speaking up for a simple, life-saving test for all newborns. Will you join us?
  • Happy Anniversary, You're the Cure Community!

    It's been one year since the launch of the You're the Cure Community website... and we're celebrating! Learn about the 'gift' you can give us for our 'paper anniversary'!
  • Share Your Story: Ronna Kratzer

    Ronna Kratzer California The AHA has been a part of my life and many of my family members' lives from birth. As of today, we have 14 family members that have been born with Congenital Heart Defects. Without funding for research, many of my family...
  • Understanding the Financial Costs of Stroke Caregiving

    During National Family Caregivers Month, learn about the often overlooked financial impact of being a family caregiver to a stroke survivor- and the legislation the AHA/ASA is advocating for to help.
  • Coming Soon: Health Insurance Marketplace

    In less than 100 days, open enrollment will begin for the Health Insurance Marketplace- a new, easier way for consumers who are uninsured to shop for and purchase health insurance that best meets their needs and budget. Are you ready?
  • You're the Cure Advocates Come to DC!

    Last month, eleven You’re the Cure advocates joined 300 volunteers from other participating organizations for the Rally for Medical Research Hill Day in Washington, DC. Read more about the event and these amazing advocates!
  • AHA Releases First Policy Statement on E-Cigarettes

    Since their creation a decade ago, e-cigarette sales have been booming, raising important questions about research, regulation, and public health.
  • Unlock Your Advocacy Potential

    Do you want to be a You’re the Cure Champion? Set-up your community profile today to climb through our advocate ranks as you take important actions to help build healthier lives.
  • Understanding Your Member of Congress

    Have you ever wondered what life is like for a Member of Congress, or if they really consider your opinion when making decisions? Check out our new video, produced by the Congressional Management Foundation, for an insider look at Congressional offices...
  • You’re the Cure Advocates Urge Congress to Protect NIH Funding!

    On June 6th, over 40 You’re the Cure Advocates from 17 key states came to Washington to urge their Members of Congress to protect funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from automatic budget cuts set to occur in January 2013. If the...
  • Pants Too Tight? Cut the Salt!

    Excess sodium in your diet can cause high blood pressure and lead to heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, headaches, and more. But did you know that extra sodium may also be affecting your appearance? The AHA's new infographic explains.
  • Influencing Undecided Lawmakers

    How do we convince legislators to support policies important to the heart and stroke community? Check out this video produced by the Congressional Management Foundation to learn the best strategies for influencing your undecided lawmakers.
  • Share Your Medical Research Story

    Have you benefited from medical research? If so, we want to hear from you! Federal funding for medical research is once again in jeopardy and your story can make a big difference in Washington. Tell it today!
  • Facts: Medicaid & CVD

    Get the facts about Medicaid & the CVD patients who depend on that coverage access and afford care.