Aimee Jones, Georgia

Aimee Jones was 20 weeks pregnant with identical twins when she went into pre-term labor. Put on restricted bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy, ultrasounds by a perinatologist were performed up to 2 times per week until twins Charlie and Blake arrived at just under 37 weeks. Their arrival was deemed premature and a visit to the NICU followed. Charlie’s vitals were normal, his coloring and appetite were fine, and he gained weight appropriately. But his nurse heard what she suspected might be a heart murmur and said "let's double check this."  She called in a cardiologist from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Sibley Heart Center to do further testing. Normally, Charlie would have been discharged and a follow up appointment would have been made.

A congenital heart defect (CHD) was never detected before birth despite the frequent sonograms. 

The cardiologist found a moderate hole in Charlie’s heart called a Ventricular Septal Defect. Further evaluation also revealed pulmonary valve stenosis. Sibley became the Jones’ second home with twice-weekly visits, follow ups, and open heart surgery when Charlie was just shy of 5 months of age. Surgery repaired the hole in his heart, his valves now work properly, and he is now a normal, active toddler with no ill-effects of his CHD.

Charlie and Blake turn 3 this July.