Thank you for making CPR in Schools a success!

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Thank you for making CPR in Schools a success!

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Over the past two months, you and your fellow You're the Cure advocates have helped to make House Bill 542, CPR in Schools, a HUGE success in the Louisiana House of Representatives.  Let's take a look back at the progress we've made so far!

First, you sent letters to members of the House Committee on Education asking the committee to take a stand and make Louisiana CPR Smart - and they did!  The House committee unanimously voted in favor of House Bill 542.

From there, you asked the entire State House to take action to ensure that all high school students receive hands-on CPR training before they graduate.  The House of Representatives responded overwhelmingly by passing House Bill 542 with a vote of 97-0!  In addition, 28 legislators asked to join Rep. Tom Willmott as cosponsors of the bill. Whew! That’s a lot! 

Now it’s time to repeat that success in the State Senate.  On Thursday, May 8 the Senate Education Committee is scheduled to vote on House Bill 542.  This is the first of two votes the bill will face in the State Senate.

We're half way there and we're counting on you to help!

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