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Fighting heart disease and stroke in the southeastern part of the nation through advocacy.
  • Davidson County World Stroke Day Proclamation

    In an effort to raise awareness of stroke risk, symptoms, treatment and care, Councilman Dave Rosenberg proclaimed October 29th World Stroke Day at the Metropolitan Council for Nashville and Davidson County meeting.
  • Chip Malone, Georgia

    The American Heart Association is very sad to learn of the sudden passing of dedicated advocate Coach Narleski “Chip” Malone on Oct.15. After a long and brave fight with heart disease, Chip passed away the weekend before his 60th birthday...
  • The Golden Radish Awards of Georgia

    On Oct. 7, Georgia Organics gathered school nutrition directors, Department of Education, Public Health, and Department of Agriculture leaders at the Georgia Capitol to issue the 2015 Golden Radish Awards which recognize schools for their farm-to-school...
  • Youth Summit in Alexandria, La.

    About 500 junior and high school students from Central Louisiana attended the Youth Summit on Healthy Behaviors held on Oct. 14 at the Riverfront Center in Alexandria, La.
  • Sherri Carr Bevis, Gulf Coast of Mississippi

    Our 2015-16 Mississippi Advocacy Committee is composed of 12 individuals from across the state with different occupations, who have a great interest in advocating for policy change for heart-health issues. Throughout the year, we will introduce some of...
  • Healthy Snacking at Schools Will Soon be Easier for Mississippi Students

    Mississippi schools have made great strides in creating a healthy, nutritious environment for students. Since the 2007 Healthy Students Act, school meals have made a turn for the better, leaving some room for improvement when it comes to snacking. The...
  • Carver Elementary Celebrates National Eating Healthy Day

    You're the Cure advocate Connie Dacus worked with the American Heart Association, Alabama State University and Carver Elementary School to host the first mini heart farmers' market at Carver Elementary in Montgomery, Ala.
  • Miami-Dade Public Schools Train 11,000+ Students in CPR

    Congratulations to Miami-Dade County School District for receiving the American Heart Association's "GSA's District of the Year for Hands-Only ™ CPR" award, in recognition of training 11,135 students in Hands-Only CPR during the...
  • Will We See You at a Heart Walk?

    This Fall, we’re hosting several Heart Walks across Louisiana and hope you’ll join us.
  • Homewood Considers Stronger Smokefree Laws

    Earlier this week, the Homewood Public Safety Committee voted 3-1 in favor of recommending to strengthen Homewood’s smoking regulations.
  • Sandra Miller Roberson, Tennessee

    Sandra Miller Roberson is a You're the Cure advocate and stroke survivor. She says, "Not taking my blood pressure medicine was one of – ok, THE worst decision of my life. Not only did my life change dramatically at age 37, but my careless...
  • We're Advocating for Improved Stroke Care

    To reduce death and disability from stroke in Tennessee, we’re working to ensure stroke patients receive the right care at the right time.
  • Vickie Evans Fuller, Alabama

    The American Heart Association Alabama Advocacy Committee consists of eleven Alabama residents from a variety of backgrounds united to advance the advocacy priorities of the American Heart Association. Throughout the fiscal year, we’ll introduce...
  • Gulf Coast Heart Walk Asks You about Smart Snacks

    Mississippi schools have made great strides in serving healthier meals to students. Now, they're speaking about taking their commitment to children's health one step further by offering Smart Snacks - or healthy snacks - in schools. With this...
  • Ollie Galloway, Jackson, Miss.

    Today, we'd like to introduce you to Ollie Galloway from Jackson, Miss. She currently serves on the American Heart Association Mississippi Advocacy Committee and is passionate about CPR. Find out why!
  • Janie McGrew, Florida

    "Three years before my father died, he suffered a debilitating stroke. It stole his quality of life...As I watched him, I decided that it is possible to help prevent someone from having my father’s experience with stroke."
  • Mississippi Teen and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor Travels to Washington, D.C.

    You're the Cure advocate, Ollie Galloway, speaks about traveling to Washington, D.C. last month with her son, EJ - a sudden cardiac arrest survivor - for the third annual Rally for Medical Research Hill Day. Ollie uses the phrases life-saving, life...
  • Record Breaking Metro Atlanta Heart Walk

    Metro Atlanta’s Heart Walk broke records on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015 at Centennial Olympic Park in the heart of downtown Atlanta. More than 16,000 walkers and 2,000 walk teams signed up, and a record $2.5 million was raised to support cardiovascular...
  • Gov. Bentley Questions if Budget is Unconstitutional

    After signing the budget last month, Gov. Bentley questions whether or not the budget is constitutional.
  • Hillsborough County School Board Receives CPR Training

    American Heart Association Tampa Bay Metro Board President, Dr. Gul Dadlani, and Hillsborough Fire Rescue trained the Hillsborough County School Board in Hands-Only TM CPR on Sept. 15.
  • Twenty-Five Cents is Too Low for Alabama

    This week, we're disappointed the Alabama Legislature passed a tobacco tax increase that is too low to impact public health.
  • Meet Wanda Salley, Mississippi

    Our 2015-16 Mississippi Advocacy Committee is composed of 12 individuals from across the state with different occupations, and who have a great interest in advocating for policy change for heart health issues. Throughout the year, we will introduce some...
  • Is a Smokefree Baton Rouge on the Horizon?

    Recently, Dr. Jay Brooks, American Heart Association Capital Area Board Member, wrote a letter to the editor in support of a smoke free Baton Rouge.
  • Let's Help Kids Eat Healthy at School and at Home

    This Childhood Obesity Month, find out how the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act is helping our children lead healthier lives.
  • Helen Walker, Tennessee

    For years, Helen Walker has experienced complications with her heart, but, in 2012, when she received her third aortic valve replacement, doctors told her that would be her last replacement until medical advances occurred. Find out how Helen took control...