Chat Up Your Lawmakers Like a Champ

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Chat Up Your Lawmakers Like a Champ

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Want to know how to make chatting up your lawmakers really count?  A few simple steps make all the difference in the world, whether it’s in a phone conversation or a face-to-face visit. 

  • Share where you live, so they know they are working for you, their constituent.
  • State the issue or need concisely in just 1 or 2 sentences.
  • Personalize it:  share a 3-4 sentence description about how it affects you, someone you love or work with, and others in the district/state. Don’t be afraid to get sappy!  Sappy helps make it real.
  • Include 1-3 facts to illustrate the need.  Use American Heart Association talking points or information from the American Heart Association website,, so you’re sure the information you are sharing is accurate and science-based.
  • Ask straight-out if they will support the issue.  Then ask why or why not.
  • Offer follow-up for any questions we can help answer.
  • Connect with us right away to let us know about your conversation.

Practice the format above a few times before your call or visit, and it will help you feel comfortable and prepared. 

And remember, our lawmakers are regular people just like you and me, who happen to be elected officials sworn to serve their district. Telling them what their constituents want is simply helping them do their jobs. 


(Pictured: NC You're the Cure Advocate Frank Amend talks with Rep Walter Jones about a pending policy issue.)

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  • Easy ways to leverage your voice on importance issues!

  • Thanks for sharing such great information!  Easy steps to making the most of a meeting!

  • Great advice and information!

  • Thank you for the great advice - I will give it a try.

  • Will e-mail or fax my lawmakers.

  • Lawmakers in my state Maryland, support the AHA/ASA ( US Senators Benjamin Cardin and Barbara Mikulski and Rep. Chris Van Hollen,Jr.). Thank you lawmakers and AHA/ASA.