On June 10, Illinois Heart Rescue and Chicago Cubs, along with staff and volunteers from the American Heart Association, partnered to teach  hundreds of baseball fans Hands-Only CPR.  Participants learned to save a life and  received a free t-shirt prior to the Cubs game on Monday night.  Chicago Alderman Tom Tunney from Lakeview also presented awards to everyday heros who know how to save lives! 

Would you know what to do if a family member or friend collapsed in front of you with a sudden cardiac arrest?  Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is NOT the same as a heart attack.  During a SCA an electrical disturbance of the heart causes it to stop pumping blood, suddenly and unexpectedly.  SCA can happen to anyone including adults and children. It offers no warning and is more common than *** cancer, prostate cancer and AIDS combined! 

SAVING A LIFE IS EASY! Visit www.handsonlycpr.org to learn how YOU can save a life!

Have you been saved by CPR?  Have you performed CPR on someone?  We want to hear from you!  Please share your story with us by contact Anne Simaytis at anne.simaytis@heart.org.  You might even be featured in an upcoming issue of our Pulse Newsletter!