Here's a great story you may have missed that was in the Detroit News recently :

It was supposed to be a relaxing evening for Garfield Drennan on that cold, late January night. Just before he sat down to watch TV, Drennan’s 69-year-old heart simply stopped.  When his wife with the help of their dog heard him gurgle and discovered his face turning blue, she called 911. Alex Johns, a paramedic who lives across the street from them in Clawson, rushed over and for more than 15 minutes used chest-only CPR on Drennan.  Other paramedics arrived and shocked Drennan’s heart twice, bringing him back, albeit with a few cracked ribs.  Click here to read the rest of the article about CPR on the Detroit News website!



You can prepare yourself to act in an emergency by simply viewing the Hands-Only® CPR instructional video.

  • A study published in the March 8 issue of Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes showed that people who view a CPR instructional video are significantly more likely to attempt life-saving resuscitation.
  • Hands-Only CPR (CPR with just chest compressions) has been proven to be as effective as CPR with breaths in treating adult cardiac arrest victims.
  • The American Heart Association has recommended Hands-Only CPR for adults since 2008.