While the state legislature may not be in session right now, there are still ways we need your help!  Stay involved this summer by checking out all the current Action Alerts you can still take part in!


  • Urge Congress to participate in American Stroke Month!

May is American Stroke Month, which is the perfect time for members of Congress to stand up for stroke survivors! With stroke being America's 4th leading killer, we need our elected officials to join us in making the disease preventable, treatable, and beatable! Urge your members to participate in American Stroke Month today!

  • Let's Eliminate Health Disparities in Clinical Trials

As patients, women and minorities want to know that the prescription drugs or medical devices being recommended for their treatment are safe and effective.  However, current gaps in clinical trial participation by these groups have limited the data available for these patients and their doctors to make the most informed decisions.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) needs to create an Action Plan aimed at eliminating this health disparity and we're calling on Congress to push the agency to act now.  Will you ask your legislators to support this important action?    

  •  Tell Congress: Physical Education is vital for students

Our children should attend regular Physical Education (PE) classes throughout their day just like any other subject. Unfortunately for many children this is not happening. However, the Fitness Integrated with Teaching (FIT) Kids Act can help increase PE in our schools and create more active children. In order for this to happen, Congress needs to hear from you! Take action today!


If you're a survivor who'd like to share your experience on our Advocate Stories page, please send me an email (Jason.harder@heart.org) and let me know!