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  • World Hypertension Day Encourages Everyone to Know Your Numbers

    In North Dakota, around 25 percent of the community population has hypertension, and about 13 percent of those folks do not know they have hypertention. That's according to Tiffany Knauf, hypertension management coordinator for the North Dakota Department...
  • Share Your Story: Brian Donaldson and his friend Price

    Price is Why!
  • Illinois Advocacy Committee Springfield Meeting

    Last week, on May 3rd-4th the Illinois Advocacy Committee held their quarterly meeting in Springfield, Illinois.
  • Share Your Story: Chase Maltbie

    First Grader Chase Maltbie had the most donations - a whopping $1,800 in pledges.
  • Share Your Story: Katelyn Larson

    Katelyn will be the 2016 Ambassador at the Sioux City Heart Walk which is being held on May 14 th!
  • Share your Story: Brad and Kristi Wellendorf Family

    The Wellendorf family knows why everyone should know how to perform CPR. Kristi learned how to perform this life-saving skill years ago, and thankfully, her training kicked in when Brad had a heart attack. The entire family is credited with saving his...
  • Advocate Spotlight: Rosemary Jaffe

    My family is why!
  • Be a featured advocate!

    Each month in our newsletter, we highlight one of our great American Heart Association volunteers or survivors. We always need new stories to feature - can you help?
  • My Life is Why!

    Meet Angie Chafos, AHA Volunteer!
  • Regional EMS Meetings In Your Community

    Several regional meetings will be held in the coming weeks to address the challenges that the present EMS system is currently facing in North Dakota. Upcoming regional meetings include Minot on May 24, Grand Forks on May 31, Jamestown on June 7, Ray on...
  • CPR in Schools - it's official!

    On Tuesday, April 26 th , Wisconsin’s CPR in Schools legislation was signed into law.
  • Share Your Story: Wilda Evans

    Wilda Evans realized the importance of heart health as a young girl.
  • Share Your Story: James Young

    The diagnosis was Congestive Heart Failure as well as kidney disease, pneumonia on my lungs, fluid retention, and an enlarged heart.
  • MN STEMI System of Care Signed into Law!

    Governor Mark Dayton signed into law HF2613 – to launch an official MN STEMI System of Care and prioritize the highest quality treatment for anyone who suffers a heart attack, regardless of where they live in Minnesota!
  • Good Food Access Fund is Ready to Take on MN's Healthy Food Access Problem!

    The American Heart Association and Minnesotans for Healthy Kid Coalition obtained a Voicesfor Healthy Kids grant to create a healthy food financing policy solution to address the state-wide problem.
  • Local Schools Receive Life-Saving CPR Kits

    Area school districts received a life-saving gift through a partnership of Great Plains Health and the American Heart Association. The training kits were handed out to area school districts. North Platte Public Schools, North Platte Catholic Schools,...
  • House and Senate Committees take up CPR in Schools legislation

    Exciting news about CPR in Schools legislation in Michigan!
  • Hunger Has Impact on Growth and Development

    According to a recent journal article published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, both preschool and school-aged children showed that chronic hunger and food insecurity are significant predictors of health conditions, even when taking other factors...
  • Ann Arbor proposes a Tobacco 21 ordinance

    A potential ordinance change in Ann Arbor could make it harder for young people to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • Heart Screening Important Element in Preventing Heart Attack

    AHA volunteer advocate Lynn Paulson shares her story in the Rapid City Journal to encourage others to do a heart screening. A heart attack can happen to anyone, but prevention and detection of heart problems can save lives. According to Dr. Alexander...
  • New Study Suggests Ways to Counterbalance Sitting Time

    We've all heard that sedentary lifestyle can have detrimental affects to our cardiovascular health. The influence of activity trackers and wellness programs at workplaces has certainly helped to encourage more daily physical activity. Now a new study...
  • From the Front Lines: Legislative Update

    LB 722, the Stroke System if Care Act, passed on Final Reading on Tuesday, April 12, and now on its way to the Governor's desk. This is the final hurdle for the Stroke System of Care Act and the American Heart Association encourages all advocates...
  • Share Your Story-Heart Walk Survivors

    Life is Why! Everyone has a reason to live a healthier, longer life.
  • Share Your Story-Derek Means

    Derek Means is a typical 12 year old boy who enjoys playing basketball and video games.
  • Share Your Story-Benny

    Our Benny is a tough fighter and will continue to fight. Benny is why we raise awareness.