Thank You for Your Support: Governor Brewer Signs TWO Heart Healthy Bills into Law

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Thank You for Your Support: Governor Brewer Signs TWO Heart Healthy Bills into Law

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Thanks to your consistent support, dedication, and messaging, Governor Brewer recently signed TWO heart healthy bills—House Bill 2491 (pulse oximetry screening) and Senate Bill 1336 (shared use for recreational spaces)—into law!  Without your actions over the last few months, this would not have been possible. 

HB 2491 will make pulse oximetry, a non-invasive test that measures blood oxygen levels, a screening requirement for Arizona newborns prior to leaving the hospital. There are an estimated 500 babies born in Arizona each year with congenital heart defects and of those 125 babies will have a critical congenital heart defect, but early detection via pulse oximetry screening and treatment can make all the difference. This test can be completed in as little as 45 seconds and studies show that there is less than 1% chance of giving a false positive result. Without pulse oximetry screening, roughly 30% of CCHD cases may not be identified using conventional screening methods until it is too late. 

SB 1336 aims to increase physical activity in our community by limiting schools’ liability if they open their grounds for recreational community use. Passing SB 1336 this year is important because nearly one in three children and teens are overweight or obese and many are inactive. When it comes to improving community health and helping kids learn, the research is clear on physical activity... kids, teens, and adults need to move more! Shared use agreements allow school districts, local governments, and community based organizations to overcome common district concerns and share costs and responsibilities of opening school property to the public after school hours.

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  • I am extremely gor this new procedure. If my son would have had that detection, i believe his heart condition would not have had to wait 5 hours later for something to be done to help him.

  • Great law,thanks lawmakers.